Yageeplus: Young and Getting Enlightened and Empowered PLUS

Yageeplus is a concept, whose coming to existence was inspired by lots of factors.  YageePlus stands for “Young and Getting Enlightened and Empowered”, as the name implies, the concept stands to enlightened and empower the younger generation on several ways they can realize their financial dream faster than they ever imagined by being exposed to both existing and new and innovative ways of making money.

The Inspiration for YageePLUS: These Factors inspired the Emergence of the concept.

  1. Lil Cesh’s Yagi: one of the very first factor that inspire the emergence of YageePlus was the Young And Getting It, stylized as Y.A.G.I, the debut studio albumof Nigerian rapper Lil Kesh

    Lil Kesh
    Lil Kesh
  2. Meek Mill’s “Young & Gettin’ It” another factor that inspired the concept is a song by American hip hop recording artist Meek Mill, released on October 2, 2012 as the third single from his debut studio album Dreams and Nightmares (2012). It features rapper/singer Kirko Bangz and was produced by Jahlil Beats.

    Meek Mill
    Meek Mill
  3. Another factor of inspiration was the popular Internet scam method popularly known as Yahoo and code named “Gee” among Nigerians a combination of the first letter of Yahoo and Gee gave rise to Yagee and the popular Nigerian yahooplus also code named GPlus is also an inspiration. While this concept was inspired by a whole lot of factors, it will be noteworthy that while this concept may have been inspired by many factors, the yageeplus is not by any yet known means in affiliation with any of the inspiring factors, so here in yageeplus, the whole aim is earning money in many innovative means while being fair as far as possible.
  4. Enlightenment and empowerment of our generation was also a major factor that motivated the emergence of the concept.
  5. Financial revolution: This concept wants to encourage young people to build rather than to hustle, because a hustler never retires but a builder may one day achieve his aim, in this case we are here to usher in new pattern of making money via economic innovation.
  6. Manners: we are also concerned about the current attitude towards money and material things, if the young people can see that making money is not rocket science after-all, they could play down their so much obsession and value for material things.

A lot of other factors had played out in the bringing about our new concept which will be more revealed as the concept leaves on.

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