Making Money: You are Not Born To Make Money

Making money seems to be the desire and aspiration of many people but then, is money what we are really made to make?. I don’t think anybody is really here for making money, we are all here to do other things and money happen to  be the reward we happen to get for doing those other things. I had been opportune to work in a cyber cafe and having typed and edited many curriculum vitae (CV) myself, I had never seen anyone put “making money” as a hobby, career or experience, this goes a long way to show that people quite understand that money making is not the art. Even the richest people who ever graced the earth never had the mindset that they are here to just make money, the secret to abundant wealth does not lie in the assumption that you want to make money, it lies in the fact that you want to create a simpler solution.

making money

It may be realistic to think that in a world as old as ours and filled with varieties of people like we have today that every solution already exist but NO every solution do not exist and even if you think they do, it is time to simplify the already existing, by doing that you are already proffering a solution as I believe that simplification is in itself a solution. Where is this long epistle taking us, the summary is, it is a common mistake by young people to assume that making money is the problem they need to solve but the issue is that when you really think on the deeper level, you will figure out that for every penny you make without solving a problem, you have created a problem either for yourself, someone else or the society. So stop chasing money, simplify or solve a problem and get paid for doing that.

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