High Tech Industry and The Future Dominance

The High Tech Industry is the future,

It is beyond doubt the fastest growing industry of the twenty first century. It is the financial power house of the century. Though it is not going to easily outpace the financial contribution of the oil and gas industry or the banking sector or even gold/jewelry, it will be awesomely remembered as a onetime powerful financial sector in the world. This article seeks to look at the High Tech industry and Its future dominance. 

high tech industry

In determining the possible power of the high tech industry, we have to take a look at some of the other sectors of the economy that had made supper rich fortune of all times.

  1. Gold: Just an element that naturally occurs in almost a pure state. Gold is not just an ordinary element, it is Money not just money but mega money. If gold were not to be gold, it would have been one of the most useless element in the world, because it is a nonreactive metal, but gold is gold and though by chemical means it may not be reactive but by financial means, it is very reactive  element that very few substances can compare to in the financial scale. Gold had made many fortune and its one of the few commodity that had stood the test of time, gold stand with all that civilization had made useless, gold like writing  still thrives in the face of civilization and as writing had been the symbol of civilization so had gold been the symbol of money.
  2. Oil and gas: The high tech industry cannot just be crowned as the King of the financial world without at least topping the oil and gas sector, though the high tech industry had produced a great number of super-rich people in the past few decades but oil and gas had produced high rise power that even made it possible for the growth of the tech industry. the oil and gas had been of great influence as regards the worlds movement from a primitive planet to a high power and industrialized world. The role of the oil and gas sector in the production of electricity and running of moving machines example car, truck, aircraft, and marine vessels etc. had shaped life in the last few century which resulted in great financial outcome.
  3. The banking sector: The banking sector is also one of the big sector that the high tech industry has to top before it can really dominate the business world, no much need to talk about stress on this one but a knowledge of the fact that over 70% of the whole money in the world sleeps in the bank every night stand to show yo what a powerful sector the banking industry is.


Though the High Tech Industry has produced a lot number of wealthy people in recent time also the high tech industry is doing remarkably well as a business sector and being that it is still at its beginning stage of growth it has a long way to go but that does not mean that the high tech industry is in a monopolistic pursuit, it have competitors with many more years of existence and with much money that span generation already in the system. Though the high tech is moving in great speed, taking the entire lead of the global economy is still a far pursuit for the high tech industry.

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