Phone Camera That is better Than Professional Camera

Phone Cameras are one of the major determinant of prices of mobile phones but why does phone cameras matter. With the innovation in mobile phone camera technologies, mobile cameras have now gone beyond the selfie utility to  a full scale professional utility, while the mobile phones may not be an entire replacement for professional video recorder, these top smart phones and smart phone companies are really staging up their games in their camera technologies.

With Samsung rolling out the all new Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus with the most powerful camera for a mobile phone and Huawei P20 Pro
being a very close runner up to the best camera phone and a lot of other high powered mobile phone camera out there, the mobile market is already taking a huge step into the professional image and video world.

phone camera
Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus (The Camera King)

Again given the fact that mobile phone can share picture and video instantly with applications like instagram, youtube, google plus, facebook etc. makes it a more reliable picture and video option for the internet age.

Although the phone camera may not displace professional video option anytime soon, it is still great to use it in a more professional manner especially when you can’t afford a professional shoot but have a big sister, brother or parent who uses powerful phones, you may be surprised at the kind of picture and video quality you end up getting.

This utilization of phone camera can be very productive when you are an upcoming artist, youtuber, designer or just want to have fun capturing your life on the go.

Other phones apart from the Samsung Galaxy S9  Plus and Huawei P20 Pro with powerful Camera.

  • Google Pixel 2 / Pixel 2 XL
  • iPhone X
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 8
  • LG G7 ThinQ
  • Samsung Galaxy S8 / Galaxy S8 Plus
  • iPhone 8 Plus
  • Huawei Mate 10 Pro

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