Not Too Young To Run: A Slogan By the Old To Deceive The Youth

Not too young to run seem to be a concept in the Nigeria political sphere that is only spoken but not practiced. The Youth are the most divided in Nigeria, the elders are still the one in the helm of every aspect of the political affair in Nigeria, the elders are united the youths divided, the youths are hungry too, so they are most gullible. Not too young to run is a hoax, these elders that all wants to die in power started out their magnificent career at their very youth, how come they don’t want to let go of power even after they are gradually expiring, old age is supposed to come with more wisdom not greed.

not too young to run
not too young to run

Although the age limit for most offices in Nigeria have slightly been reduced, the youth won’t really be able to participate with an empty wallet, hungry stomach and divided front.

In other to participate and take back our country, the youths first needs to be united.

Nigerians are more divided in social media than they are in real life, this goes a long way to show that the youth are more divided than the elders since the greater constituent of the Nigerian internet users are young people.

If the Nigerian youths are serious and wants to take back their country, unity, enlightenment, empowerment and motivation is needed.

And maybe the Youth Needs to start asking these questions 

  1. They should rise to question why the Nigeria security bodies are clamping down on young internet scammers but worships corrupt politicians, the same crime different punishment.
  2. The youth should question why the government should restrict transaction on dollar fund websites but does not look into the manual method politicians are using to smuggle money out of the country through our seaports, airports, porous boarders and the bank aided foreign transactions.
  3. Lots if issue but our criminal politician are celebrated while the younger criminal is in prison, how then could the youth be free, the summary is until they are ready to keep every free man free, get every hungry man fed, put all criminal where they belong, until then, the not too young to run is a hoax.

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