Did Buhari Really Do Every Thing To Save Her

Buhari’s Tweet, Did he really do much to save her and is buhari doing much to save the rest of the Nigerians from Boko Haram?, According to a tweet from  

“Today I spoke with Mohammed Liman, father of Hauwa, the ICRC midwife killed by Boko Haram. It is not the kind of telephone call anyone prays to make. The Federal Govt did everything possible to save Hauwa’s life; it is tragic & regrettable that all our efforts were unsuccessful.”

Buhari also expressed hope as according to his tweet “We fervently hope that these series of sad events, leading to the painful loss of their staff, will not discourage the ICRC from working in Nigeria. We hope that they will continue to offer their services, and not give up, inspite of what has happened.”

He also assured Nigerians of his commitment as indicated in this his other tweet

“I am reassuring everyone that the Fed Govt will continue to do all within our power to protect not just humanitarian workers, but also everyone working or living in the North East. I salute our military, who continue to fight and strive hard to permanently neutralize Boko Haram.”

But the question is did Buhari Really do much and is he ever going to do more than speaking about how much he is doing even though there is nothing or little to show for his effort?.

Remember that President Buhari is seeking reelection on the platform of the all progressive congress (APC) and one of his major selling point during the 2015 campaign was that he will fight insurgency, but with the latest upsurge in attack by the insurgents, do we still thinks he is true to his promise to fight insurgency and do we think that he can still sell the idea to Nigerians as he seek reelection and once again is hoping to win the heart of Nigerians in the poll. Do we think President Buhari can still use BokoHaram Insurgent as a selling point this time.

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