Yagee Millionaire List, The Criteria and How You can make it to The List

Yagee Millionaire List is a financial rating system of young millionaires bellow the age of forty (40) years, this is necessary because although the world have seen lots of billionaires lately, the millionaire is still the bridge between the ordinary man and the extra ordinary man or the middle ground between the thousand-near and the Billion-near.

There are criteria for making it to the yagee millionaire list, these criteria includes

  1. Known Source of Wealth: To make it to the Yagee’s millionaire list the source of your wealth must be traceable, while most rich people likes to keep their assets or source of wealth a secret, people with highly questionable, corrupt and stolen wealth will not be considered or published.
  2. The wealth can be replicated: The very aim of YageePlus is to make more young people rich so the major aim of the millionaire’s list is to inspire, enlighten and empower so we want to be assured that your wealth can still be recreated by someone else if considerable effort, determination and investment is applied.
  3. Your Wealth source Have a considerable amount of Requirement to be Replicated: It may be understandable that by the time you have become a millionaire, your business may already have massive investment but we are more concerned with your humble beginning, how much would it cost if another person will have to start your business afresh maybe with little innovation, the lesser the requirement for startup, the better.
  4. Your Business creates a solution: It is very important that your business creates a solution rather than creating problem for the society for example, while a person selling or building weapons for a terrorist group may as well be a millionaire on his own right, such person may not make the list.
  5. The List is Not a lifetime Honour: So many things can make you lose the yagee’s millionaire list status, like becoming a billionaire, or having not more than a million US Dollar, also going over the age of forty (40) years will mean that you are out of the list, again you may just be displaced by a much worthy millionaire.

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