Ilya Sachkov, Becomes the First Person To Make The Yagee Millionaire List

Ilya Sachkov, 29 year old, from Russia, he is the CEO of Group-IB, which deals with developments in the field of cyber security, computer forensics, warnings of cybercrime and fraud, becomes the firs person to make it to our millionaire list.

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Sachkov founded Group-IB together with other students of Bauman Moscow State Technical University — Dmitry Volkov and Igor Katkov in 2003. Now Sachkov estimates to be approximately worth $100 million (the financial results of the group companies were not revealed).

CEO and Cofounder, Group-IB

Sachkov cofounded Moscow’s Group-IB at just 17 and now works alongside banks and law enforcement, from Russia’s Ministry of Internal Affairs to Europol, helping uncover cybercriminals.

Ilya Sachkov
Ilya Sachkov

In the spring of 2015 Group-IB and the Foundation for Internet Initiatives (FRII) signed an agreement to invest $210 million rbl. But FRII are yet to invested in the company. Now Group-IB are in the process of negotiations with the fund and other investors, says Sachkov. Since its inception the company has opened more than 100 cyber crimes in Russia and Europe, said the entrepreneur. In 2015, he signed an agreement on cooperation with Europol: the organization will share information to combat various forms of crimes in the sphere of high technologies.

He Did this, What about You, 

Although Ilya Sachkov started out with $5000 he had made achievement far beyond his start up capital, we understand that $5000 is somewhat a large sum for most start ups but the truth is that this particular business can be started with even lesser capital another advantage is that this business sector is still in very high demand as every country needs cyber security body and all you need to start is the proper brains around and maybe some bunch of old computers running Kali Linux and some few more nerds around.

Just like him, success is waiting for you only if you can give it a try

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