Join Politics Now, Younger Nigerians Needs To Get Involved

Join Politics because it is one of the best way that we can get empowered and enlightened as young people, get involved in the political process,

join politics
young people should be involved in politics

Do your voting but don’t stop at that, don’t just vote, get involved!, join politics because Politics absolutely affect your lives, more than you probably realize and the lower level the politician, the more likely they have a direct impact on you!.

Politicians are just people, if your candidates is not right, run for office, especially at the lower levels anybody can win. For the best part politics tend to be a good paying job and we, as a country, desperately need a bottom up revolution in our government.

For example, local government councils often have direct control over police departments, are you tired of police raising revenue off of you and your neighbors via petty enforcement tactics, get in office and you can change that. Get the right person in office and you can redirect their priorities to dealing with real crimes and not raising money off the poor.

You can fix so many issues being a part of governance, for instance you can fix underfunded schools and broken hospitals, underfunded public transit systems and more. The very bad thing about Nigeria is that it grants so much power to those who are involved in the political process, if we all get involved and demand better, we can be better. But if we continue to sit by and leave it to the wealthy to decide, they will continue to exploit us all.

I understand that the whole political process is not an easy game but the last time I checked getting really involved is better than sitting down all day complaining about bad governance, if you are free and good enough to complain then endeavor to be part of the process and make a change.

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