Prison University, a School Most People can’t Afford

Prison university a great school to be privileged to learn in: A prison is a place you will most likely go to if you ever find yourself in the very wrong side of the law, but then is it really that bad, what if you may need to be in prison at least once in a lifetime?. Often people find themselves in prison for guilt but in many cases the innocent are also trapped behind the walls of most prisons.

image for prison university

This article may not really be about whether you are in prison because you are guilty or innocent, its about the complexity of education and learning you will be able to get in prison that will be very unlikely to get in any other place.

These are some of the examples of such unique prison experience and learning that may not be available to just anybody.

  1. Prison Literature: You will have more free time being in prison than you would ever have being a free man, most times, these free times in prison comes with great inspirations giving rise to most excellent writing popularly referred to as prison literature. for example, Some notable historical examples of prison literature include Boethius’s Consolation of Philosophy (524 AD) which has been described as “by far the most interesting example of prison literature the world has ever seen.” Marco Polo found time and inspiration to write about his travels to China only after his return and imprisonment in Genoa from 1296-1299,  Martin Luther translated the New Testament into German while held at Wartburg Castle. There are many more great prison literature that may have been very unlikely to have come to us had these great writers not have been held within the confine of the prison,
  2. In Prison dwells the best Mind: Often most people find themselves in prison out of the corruption of a great mind, most crime we already know of in most cases, have to do with extreme intelligence, most of these people in prison are usually above average in mental or physical capacity. With just these two facts, if more people are educated in the prison university with prison intelligence, who knows there could have been more free men.

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