YageePlus Appeal: Please Stop Spreading False Information About Us

YageePlus Appeal

Our Attention had been drawn to many posts making it around social media questioning the legality of YageePlus (Yagee+). We hereby declare that yageeplus is NOT an illegal or secret organisation. Some of these yet to be identified persons/organisations go as far as linking us to highly illegal activities like internet fraud,  and yahooPlus (yahoo+), We want to make it bold and clear that YageePlus is neither a secret organisation nor take part in illegal business activities.

YageePlus Appeal: yageeplus is legit image
Yagee+ is Legit and Not a secret Organisation

We are not in any way connected or affiliated with the above illegal business and business activities, mentioned.

We understand the part where many beneficiaries of our business method, applications and models have escaped to financial freedom but we also wish to let the general public know that we are only applying result from our previous studies to turn around business and marketing tides for subscribers of our business model, we utilize  simple approach and method of being tech savvy and applications of different business and marketing strategies to make more money.

By this YageePlus appeal, we are making it clear that we understand that our existence may not have been in public knowledge much before now but we want to be clear from the very start that we are a knowledge and innovation driven business ideology, this declaration is very important to us because we would not like discrimination by the public of the emerging Yagee riches.

By this end, we declare that while as any business organization we may sometimes find ourselves entangled in the wrong side of the law, we must maintain that the sole aim of this organisation is not to intentionally break proper local or international laws and so any body that feels that we are acting in any way contrary to the law should use proper method to address the situation other than mischievous publications about us on social media and other such network.

We reserve the right to keep it a secret the means whereby we make our money and turn systems to our favor because we believe that “the secret of creativity is knowing how to hide your source” , so any aggrieved person should utilize proper method to investigate our method and models before making any accusation on any of our brand, ideology or subscribers.

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