12 June 1993 Nigeria General Election, What If History Repeats Itself.

12 June 1993 Nigeria General Election was the election year and all Nigerians were looking forward to a new era of democracy after series of military rule, Nigerians were very anxious for a civilian government but while their hope was high and their beloved candidate MKO Abiola was leading in the polls, tragedy struct just when Nigerians expect to hear MKO Abiola announced as their president, the hope of Nigerians was trashed as the election which was believed to be the best election ever held in the country was annulled, signalling the beginning of the end for the MKO Abiola’s much merited victory, his political career and at last his life.

12 June 1993 Nigeria
MKO Obiola

Although the scenario is not exactly the same today but then what if something of that nature happens, it has happened before, although we don’t expect such to happen again but Atiku Abubaka the presidential Candidate of the people’s Democratic party seem to be making similar influence that could be compared to such that was made by MKO Abiola, the two men have a lot in common like both men being avid business men, although while MKO Abiola was from the Southern Part of the Country Atiku is From the Northern Nigeria but both men’s popularity are Nationwide, while MKO Abiola was not generally regarded as corrupt Atiku has some pending allegations against him but then there are enough similarity between the two men and the tense atmosphere in the lead up to their election day that one may want to ask, so what if Atiku wins and the election is annulled again, although such move may be hard in a county that claims to practice democracy but in a country were the executive arm of government can suspend the CJN then anything can be expected.

Although no election anywhere in the world could be entirely void of corruption, the highest point of electoral corruption is rendering an election proven to be credible inconclusive, we have seen such done in recent times in different state election in Nigeria where elections were declared inconclusive in a manner that did not go down well with the Nigerian masses and to an extent the international community.

So while we don’t want a repeat of a bad history, it becomes important that this time, let the will of the people be respected, whoever wins let it be that the election represent the people’s choice.

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