Crypto Currency War the Next Trend of Economic Warfare

Although when digital currency started, it started as an innocent computer experiment but little did the world know that the experiment will survive the lab and engulf the society into a Crypto Currency War.

The first influence of digital currencies started when both expert and non expert began to contemplate whether Digital Currency is a hoax or credible currency, just like many other things, once we begin to devote our time to debate on them, then they becomes an issue of concern and that’s how digital currency became a part of us and before long people started investing into it.

With digital currency now as a part of our economic existence it had become but yet another powerful weapon in the arsenal of economic warfare and different countries are already building their capacity on digital currency and are now preparing for a dominance in digital currency as they observe that digital currency is of great importance but while different people are left in wonder on the futuristic credibility of the currency, the emergence of different state backed crypto currency is a signal that the next ground for economic warfare maybe the state backed crypto currencies.

While the US government is yet to accept crypto currency into the monetary system, the fact still remains that with United State leading the general internet, dominating digital currency like Bitcoin, Etherum etc having a very strong market in the US then the United State is clearly leading in the Digital currency race should the government choose to adopt crypto currency tomorrow. 

The rest of the world especially the East will not just let the United State enjoy such potential alone so each country is now working hard to put up a formidable digital currency so that when the much-awaited digital currency battle takes its full swing then everyone would be able to put up a battle. Maybe we should just have to wait and watch out for a possible futuristic showdown.

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