Foreign Investors and Nigerian Election, What Will Foreign Investors Do If Buhari Wins.

Foreign investors are always at the core of any country’s international relationship and a country’s foreign relationship is greatly dependent on the efficiency of the leaders in creating an enabling business environment for foreign firms.

With the body language of the international businesses and communities, it is evidence that the President Muhammadu Buhari led administration may not have been up to the task in protecting the interest of foreign investors and the greater international communities.

As Nigerian Presidential Election comes up this Saturday 16th February 2019, a pressing question remains, which of the candidate would investors be looking up to as the major ties between countries of the world is business-related.

The first tenure of the President Muhammadu Buhari Led administration have had a terrible score in the business sector but are foreign investors going to be left in distress as the odds are high that the incumbent president may go back as the President of Africa’s largest democracy.

Although there are great chances that the main opposition candidate Former Vice President Atiku Abubaka seem to have what it takes to win the election but the chances that President Muhammadu Buhari may win is still very high.

The real question is what will foreign investors do if Buhari Wins.

  • Would they Have to Wait for another four years of a distressing Buhari Administration?
  • Would they look elsewhere as the business environment in Nigeria may be heading for more doom with a Buhari Win?
  • Would they have to learn to work with President Mohamed Buhari?

While these questions and many other questions are ringing in the head of foreign investors it may still not have been over as there are still chances that another candidate may win or that President Muhammadu Buhari may change and not be as bad as we already visualize but the greater bulk of whether this fear becomes a reality or just a nightmare that disappears in the morning depends greatly on the people, that is if the people’s choice will be respected.

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