Election Boycott: Stay at home Order by IPOB is Anti Igbo

Election Boycott Order by the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) is nothing but a silly move by the leaders of the Organization to further incapacitate Ndigbo in the political arena of Nigeria.

At this point where the Igbos seem to be picking up in the Nigeria political process after years of political setback, it is only stupid that some shallow thought individual will be clamoring for things they don’t understand.

The Igbo people can’t afford further discrimination in Nigeria, IPOB keeps saying “No Referendum No Election” however, the Nigerian constitution has no express provision on referendum, thus should they really want a referendum in peace they need to go round the clock to get the legislature to amend the constitution and provide the condition for granting a referendum but how can you get the legislature to make such amendment when you are boycotting the election the very process that could have given you the opportunity to vote in individuals that represent your ideology.

The Nigerian Biafra war was a mistake that need not be repeated. The Igbo People may seem to be smart in other field but the art of big government and war is one thing that we are the least experienced as far as Nigeria is concerned. For Example, Benin Kingdom had series of experience in ruler-ship and warfare, so were Yoruba Kingdoms and the veteran Fulani rulers and warriors with their intermarriage between Hausa and Fulani Means that the North is quite experienced in ruling and warfare. So this is the time for Igbo people to forget their ego and learn from people with more experience in the field because learning does not make you any less important rather it makes you more equipped and gives you the ability for proper adaptation and survival.

The Political cost of the Biafra War   

The Nigeria Civil War Cost More than a million Igbo lives not to talk of properties, if those that died in the war were to be alive, today there could have been in no way that the core Igbo land would not have had at least six states because there would have been larger population more state means more political officers which could have led to bigger voting power in the legislature then maybe the referendum or even protecting other Igbo interest could have been a lot easier, another political cost is that the Igbos that are spread across other parts of the east could have seen themselves as more of Igbos than less of Igbos.

Despite the call for election boycott, One thing to note as an Igbo person is that if the referendum must come by peace, we need more influence in the political sphere of Nigeria, otherwise, if it must come from the other way round which is nothing short of a call for war then I will advise any concerned person to try read “the art of war” by ‎Sun Tzu

Then Come February 16th if you love the Igbo tribe and want them to succeed whether in Nigeria or Biafra, Go out and vote for the Candidate You think will protect the Igbo Interest the more.

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