The Difference Between Nigerian and American Jokes is like Marijuana

The Different between American and Nigerian jokes are like marijuana, while Nigerian jokes are like smoking marijuana, American joke is like pot edible If you smoke it, the effect is instant, the high is fast, the impact is less and even more dangerous to your health but if you eat it, the impact is slow, the high when it starts is deeper and longer-lasting and experts argue that this method even have some health benefits, well we are not explicitly on weed we are just talking about how these two different people view jokes.

The way Nigerians view jokes is quite different from the way the Western people view jokes, For Nigerians, Jokes are something stupid, easily understood and hit the funny part of the brain first, almost anybody will understand a Nigeria joke but for the West, Jokes are something that virtually people with almost an above-average intelligence will understand or at best the stupid people will take a bit of trouble understanding it, but when you finally do, the thrill is usually longer and it may leave you even smarter. 

Another way Nigerian joke is like smoking weed is that, if done in a room of people, everyone will be affected, either you are enjoying it or you are disturbed by its pollution but the American joke just like eating weed will only affect those who are able to digest it.

Now if you are an American or a lover of western-style jokes, this whole article will be a meaningful joke to you but if you are Nigerian just concentrate on this part which says “Nobody cares about how your jokes are made or even why they are made, we only care if it makes us laugh that’s why it’s a joke in the first place and not an Art Class, well just like weed, you either smoke it or eat it but the last time I checked, more people are smoking a joint than eating a pot”. so maybe now you know the difference American and Nigerian jokes.

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