Thomas Edison Was So High, He Wanted A device For The Dead

Thomas Edison was one of the greatest inventors of all time but then he also had his own weird side. We all know that inventors are people of extraordinary intelligence or extraordinary chance. While many inventions are as a result of dedicated studies, others are the product of accidents. Many times people have had thought of inventing things that are practically impossible but then we won’t blame them becuase most inventors contemplate things that are practically impossible at the moment just before their invention.

Thomas Edison is known for many inventions, but not all of them worked out. Of his hundreds of patents, one little-known idea sticks out as slightly peculiar: a spirit phone. The inventor had plans to create a device that would communicate with the dead.

How Possible was that,

If Edison was going to talk to the dead, it was going to be done through science. As he told B.C. Forbes of American Magazine in 1920, “The methods and apparatus commonly used and discussed are just a lot of unscientific nonsense.”

He wondered, would any personality in the afterlife bother communicating in such prankish and primitive ways?

Edison didn’t offer Forbes specific details of how his device would work, but he explained, “I am proceeding on the theory that, in the very nature of things, the degrees of material or physical power possessed by those in the next life must be extremely slight; and that, therefore, any instrument designed to communicate with us must be super-delicate—as finely responsive as human ingenuity can make it.

“For my part, I am inclined to believe that our personality hereafter will be able to affect matter. If this reasoning be correct, then if we can evolve an instrument so delicate as to be affected, or moved or manipulated,—whichever term you want to use—by our personality, as it survives in the next life, such an instrument, when made available, ought to record something.”

He added that, should he succeed, the first spirits to take advantage of the device would likely be telegraphers or scientists or anyone else with experience in the use of delicate instruments and electric currents.

So according to Thomas Edison, After death, while the individual might disintegrate into other forms of existence, then such other existence ought to have the data of its past and be able to still process some bit of information about its formal self independently as though such element of the individual still inherited the faculties of its past self. Well the real trouble with this Edison’s idea is not that communicating with the dead is entirely not possible but which faculty and which aspect of the past survives.

Maybe at last what may remain of the dead scientifically are just shock waves and energy sent into space at the course of living and some debris of scattered and independent traces of what was. are these enough for communication to take place, well Edison now is dead, his spirit phone could have been most needed to ask more about this idea of his.

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