World Super Power and The Quest To Weaken Africa

World Super Power may be moving towards a better direction but not all part of the world as it seems the responsibility of any superpower to make sure that it retains the position for as long as possible by all possible means, although any country which seems to be a competition to a superpower may always be seen as a threat, the manner of which superpower countries views Africa is quite spectacular. It had almost seemed a tradition of superpowers to want to limit Africa.

Each time Africa is seen to be a potential threat and maybe the greatest of all threats by superpowers, There had always been a thing the world can relate to about Africa, given the Uniform Civilization of Africa, any African country ahead of the rest will be looked upon by the rest of Africa which may mean a strong loyalty and alliance, that is something the world doesn’t want to see in Africa.

Most Student of History will know that during the Golden Days of Rome, they destroyed Carthage, In The Golden Days of England they enslaved and looted The whole of Africa and Now the United State has destabilized Libya and just these three are enough to show that the superpowers always knows how to keep Africa down.

It is quite Appalling that the world wants to keep Africa down forgetting that Africa is where the whole civilization started and by another extent the very starting point of humanity, with the superpowers always on an invasion spree against Africa, it only feels bad because then the superpowers are trying to run a world without an alternative civilization.

A greater majority of the underdevelopment Africa is now left with was as a result of direct and indirect impact from European Colonialist, before the whole colonial era took off, massive empires existed in Zimbabwe, Zululand and Benin city in Nigeria (to mention but just three) all these empires were crushed and looted by the colonial empires in the 19th century. The chief leader of these act of suppressing Africa at that time was the then superpower country (Great Britain).

The above should already convince you that being a World Super Power does have a thing to do with suppressing Africa in particular and every other competition.

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