Volodymyr Zelenskiy Emergence: Welcome to Ukraine, The Capital of Funny Politics

Volodymyr Zelenskiy the comedian president. It is almost impossible to decide whether the last Ukrainian election was really an election or a continuation of a comedy episode. Volodymyr Zelenskiy a Ukranian comedian who had initially featured in a comedy series as a history teacher who later became the president of Ukraine had finally become the real-life president-elect of Ukraine, making it wonderous as it becomes impossible to tell if his emergence was actually politics or the extension of his comedy series.

He is a successful comedian, a showman, an actor who gained popularity and made his money entertaining the masses and their leaders in Ukraine and Russia with his rather low brow comedy theatre Kvartal 95.  

The final runoff was between Petro Poroshenko, the incumbent president competing for a second term, and Zelenskiy, which resulted in Zelenskiy’s victory with more than 70%  of the vote, according to exit polls.

The TV series titled “Servant of the People,” premiered on Kolomoyskyy’s 1+1 network in 2015, in which Zelenskiy played a high school teacher who became the president of Ukraine after a video of him protesting about government corruption went viral. The first season was followed by a feature film of the same title, and a second season of the show. The people loved the character, a humble history teacher who accidentally rises to power and doesn’t let it corrupt him. 

Well, it remains unknown whether there will be a non-corrupt government in Ukraine as the comedian’s emergence was supported by Ukrainian powerhouses, powerful individual and also powerful media. The Big question is can this funny President be able to run a funny but non-corrupt government. I doubt that he can replicate his comedy character in real life. Only time will tell.

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