Buying a Generator Set in Nigeria and its Funny Advantages

Buying a generator set is one of the very amazing Nigerian dreams. Living in Nigeria without owning a generator set could mean a lot of trouble as the generator set will be your saving grace when power is out, power outage is a normal occurrence in Nigeria as most time, even in a single day there could be more than five power outage, and in some days there would be no sign of electricity at all. For this reason, buying a generator set have become a very priced priority of most homes and businesses, this somewhat embarrassing situation also has some funny side to it.

Bellow are some Funny aspect of Buying a Generator Set in Nigeria

  1. I Better Pass My Neighbour: The importance of owning a generator set in Nigeria is so real that a particular brand of generator had been nicknamed “I better pass my Neighbor” which is a Nigerian English way of saying I am better than my neighbour, this particular generator set is one of the lowest capacity and lowest priced generator set in the market but in Nigeria even as small and as cheap as it is, it denotes a great sense of class. isn’t that funny?.
Image for I better pass my Neighbour generator set
I better pass my Neighbourgenerator set

2. Having a generator set gets the girls: In Nigeria getting the girls outside of your street you most likely need a car but getting the ones in your street you mostly need a generator set. Just fuel your generator and wait until the power is out for a long time, once you put on your generator set you will be seeing the girls trooping in with their phones and charger and saying “Bros, you fit plug my phone for me, abeg my battery don die” which means my phone battery is low please help me charge my phone, well the guy in question may need to buy more extension socket and be prepared for more girls but he sure has a chance to talk to those girls and definitely get their phone contact. this time he is like a celebrity and a saviour and he is just going to bank on his few hours of fame.

3. Huge crowd in Bet shops: For the guys most time if the power goes off, for those who may not be buoyant enough to own a generator set, or who may have a generator set but may not be able to put it on for one reason or the other, they most likely will troop into sport betting houses to charge their phones, most betting houses are already aware of this trend and they normally fit their shops with excess extension socket, for the guys the Betshops are a better option than to go to people’s house to beg for a charging spot, this is mostly because in the betting house they get a chance to argue about football, watch football matches and patiently wait for the next guy to hit the jackpot so that they can all share in the joy.


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