Fighting Depression: How to Help Someone Get Over His Or Her Depression

Fighting Depression could be such a tricky process as many times it may be very hard to decide if people are depressed or just sad or in grief. Depression is A killer that can be stopped Just like every other health challenge, the apex of depression is death, apart from the fact that as living organism, one of our features is death, whenever a sickness occurs then death must occur, either the death of the victim or the death of the causative agent of the sickness. If the death of the victim doesn’t occur with an immediate effect then there could be coexistence between the causative agent and the victim and in this case the victim may be left with a wide time spread to battle for survival leading to excessive suffering in the absence of good management and at last if cure is not certain then death is.

Many time all a victim of depression could need may just be support from the rest of us, depression is not like most other sicknesses caused by the introduction of foreign bodies like bacteria and viruses, most times depression is caused from within ourselves by the time our local bodies begins to leave us, these local bodies could be in the form of good friends, moral support and attitudes of love and care. Although depression is treated as a medical condition, it is such a medical condition that really has to do more with non-medical occurrences. Fighting Depression can be such a challenging task given that most times a depressed individual may not understand how depressed he or she is.

Then How Can We Help Individuals Suffering From Depression?

By Understanding Depression: We need to understand what Depression is really like in other to be able to help depressed individuals, we need to understand that Depression is not an infection, it is a state of the mind albeit a very toxic state of mind, depression is not infectious so we need not stay away from depressed individuals, we need to understand that checking on a depressed individual is very vital in fighting depression, we need to try to understand that depressed individuals are just normal people and not label or view depressed individual as boring, bitter or negative, although depression can push people to be bitter, negative and even boring to be with but it may be really dangerous to leave depressed individual alone at such point especially if you really care about such a person, although they may prefer to be left alone but don’t ever let them be alone, even when you may not be near, try to call or write to your depressed relatives from time to time letting them know how much you miss, love and care about  them. maybe this way, we may be able to save a life.

Remember when depression fails to kill us, it gives us the courage to take our own life by ourselves.

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