End Of The World and The Reality

The End of the world had always been a hot topic for different school of thoughts, it something both religion and science had although a varying view but both project a possibility of such thing as the end of the world, we had all come around as human witnessing the end of many things including the end of different lives forms and other existence including us, many times we had watched people and other living things around us take their last breath, it is practically crazy to think that everything will remain the same but only us and other creature with lesser lifespan goes away, we may all be going someday, the truth is that one day the earth will become inhospitable for human, one day our closest star the sun will die and that will halt every life activities on earth in a short time, it is now understood that all life form can end, the earth can become non livable, the sun can pass away but can the universe go away, that a big deal of a question to attend to but the real question is was the universe ever here, if we don’t exist is the universe as we call still anything, even though many people stand to dispute the whole concept of the Cosmos and the start of time and the bible story of creation, it could be seen that the universe is more like a natural madness, it is occurring without the knowledge of itself it isexpanding, it heading to somewhere with a very high speed, with no knowledge of itself it is happening, the universe is like at war with itself leaving many things behind it only takes a little note of what things it is doing at the moment “the time”. If the Universe may ever be cured of its madness, then it may come back to its senses and may decide to take care of all its mad creations or decide to wipe its ugly mess anyway but on the other hand, it might just choose to halt. But the truth is that everything may be capable of passing away.

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