Intentions to spend: Websites People Visit With Their Credit or Debit Card

Intentions to spend money is what makes a market, there are websites out there that people visit holding their credit and debit card, although such website may not always make it to the top five websites in the world but if you really want to make money, you need to spend more time on these types of websites.

Websites like Facebook, Google, Youtube, Baidu, Wikipedia are all popular and very useful websites but these sites are not really aimed at solving one of the primary societal problems of making money, the truth is that people don’t visit these websites with the primary intention to spend, people spend more time on facebook chatting with people they would have almost chat with anyway because Facebook is built to almost simulate your real-life friend circle, same with Google, Youtube, Baidu and Wikipedia, in Youtube people will watch what they almost could have watched, people read what they almost could have read in Wikipedia and people search for what they almost could have searched for in Baidu and Google.

Right from ancient time although important connection could be made in social gathering, important knowledge from search for knowledge through learning, great entertainment through viewing but the sole business of money-making is most suitable in a market, the trend still remains the same although the medium may have changed, people make important connections on social networks, gets important knowledge and guide from search engine websites and Wikipedia, get entertainments from viewing websites like youtube but the major problem is that folks are trying to make most of their money from these other places, not taking advantage of the natural environment for money-making called market where people go with the ultimate intentions to spend, there are many markets over the internet but how many of them have you placed your product in front of potential buyers, or I should rather ask, do you even have a product?,.

There are so many markets on the internet, people go there to spend their money, websites like Amazon, eBay, Alibaba just to mention but three but there are many more, if you really want to make money, spend more time on these sites may be one day if you could never develop your own product then you might retail someone else product and at the end it all business and you have some chinks to take home.      

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