Online Dating Sucks, Try Your Locality

Online dating is not for everybody while love maybe for everybody and nothing is Stopping You from Finding Yours but then most times online dating may not be the answer. Love is one beautiful thing most of us can’t deny, with most artistic works centering on love, it had become synonymous with beauty, despite the fact that nearly all of us believe in love, the idea varies between individuals but no matter the variation, you sure can find yours but the real question is, is online the best place to find love, over time while the object and concept of love almost remained the same, the medium of love had changed but still love is available to anybody who is willing to find it.

For one to find a happy, nurturing and compassionate relationship they need a close encounter to be able to look for those qualities they want in the other person and to figure out if the other person wants the same things as you do, but online dating does not offer these ability to study your partner closely.

Love is associated with every class of society, it is something both the peasant and the noble always had to share in common, love rides on horseback, love rides on donkeys, love rides chariot, love had walked barefoot, love had sailed and love had flown in the sky you have no excuse for why you can’t find love but online dating takes away all these features and mainly spark attraction based on one side of the story, the part your online partner wants you to see, whether you will ever get the real picture is uncertain.

So maybe while we may not need to stop searching for love online it becomes important that we look for love also within our locality as According to Jean Smith, a social anthropologist from Iowa, he believes that online dating “sucks” and thinks that the best way to meet people is through “community proximity” (i.e. your neighborhood, shops, gym, etc).

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