Subscription Massaging Updates Takes Effect on Messenger Marketing

Subscription massaging updates how would Messenger marketers find the new process. The whole of the facebook messenger marketing community had been having a very pleasant time over the past years of the facebook messenger bot marketing but now that facebook had chosen to be a little strict on the whole process, what would messenger marketers face.

From today, July 31st, businesses who want to send non-promotional broadcasts are required to apply for permission from Facebook. Before now, using the diverse messenger marketing bot to send subscription message had been really easy but with these updates, it could get a lot messier.

What does this imply to Messanger Marketers: This Subscription Messaging Updates could mean that Your whole Messenger Marketing Strategy may need a change, this will be an entirely new process, nobody really understands what the future looks like from here but we all know that facebook reigns as the king here and they have the future in their palms.

Should Messanger Marketers Panic: Well it really may not really call for panic as for sure there will be revenue loss and revenue gain but all in all the bigger winner will always be facebook because only Facebook knows again lies ahead in a possible continuous Subscription Massaging Updates.

What does messenger marketing Expert Say about the new update: Some Messenger Marketing experts so far had tried to see into the future and have these to say about the best strategy tips to build a new plan.

  1. Build a multi-channel strategy with your bot at the center.
  2. Treat segmenting like every other marketing channel.
  3. Max out 24+1 without spamming your customers
  4. Take advantage of paid messages to re-engage subscribers
  5. Make automation a core piece of your strategy

It also makes sense to understand that to apply for the new facebook Subscription Massaging, while they say the application is easy, quick and free, Facebook will manually approve each application, so there will likely be delays and as usual, these delays and other inconveniences may not even guarantee that you get approved.

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