Japan the No. 1, The One True World Super Power

Japan the No. 1 country in the world, although this may not be popularly acknowledged, Japan sure deserves to be the number one country in the world considering many factors. if you are still in doubt, just take a look at some of these aspects of Japan and see if they are really not the number one country in the world.

Japan is one country that had been on the global stage for quite a long time, and each time they had always been the magnificent country that deserves to be the true superpower country. Japan is one of the most civilized countries in the world if not the most civilized country in the world and the only country that have proven to survive a nuclear attack and rebuild the ruins.

Many empires and countries in history fell to war and were never able to recover from the ruins but Japan had always stood out years of hectic ruins including experiencing the most deadly wrath of war on mankind the impact of an atomic bomb. Japan’s greatness is not entirely on her ability to survive an atomic bomb and her ability to recover after being one of the major theatres of the world wars, Japan’s major greatness lies in her abilities to let go of the past and embrace the future with forgiveness and more determination.

If Japan can extend a hand of friendship to the United States years after the later detonated two nuclear bombs on the Japanese mainland of Hiroshima and Nagasaki killing mainly civilian population then it shows how much powerful Japan and her people are because most times the true test of strength can also lie in the ability to let go.

Recently the United State and Japan had been in a state of diplomatic romance proving that Japan had not just forgiven the United States but also had accepted to work together with the rest of the world to ensure the safety of the entire planet. It is only a true superpower like Japan that can come up even better after suffering so much in a war that changed the art of warfare and the future of the world.

We may all have agreed to strap Japan off a lot of powers but deep down it seems the elites know who the real superpower country is. With the few things mentioned above, I will really give Japan the No. 1 spot in the committee of countries.

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