Mosquitoes Do Not Deserve the Hate

Mosquitoes are one of a kind creatures that we love to hate, but does these special animal deserve our deep hatred. Mosquitoes Do Not Deserve the Hate; we are so consumed by the hate we have for mosquitoes that we never cared about what a magnificent creature it is, poor mosquitoes had just always not been in human favour no matter how much respect they have for humans. We owe mosquitoes apologies for deliberately giving them untimely death and wishing their species will just disappear.

Even these animal right activist, do they ever care that these mosquitoes have a right to life too, often we hear about how these people fight to protect other animals in the name of endangered species but these same people deliberately endanger the mosquitoes. When the biggest people in the world talk about the fight against the mosquitoes, one will wonder if the mosquitoes are in a world war with humans.

The truth is that Mosquitoes are a peace-loving animal with no deliberate intention to harm anyone, of all the species of mosquitoes only the females of one particular species, transmit malaria, the malaria-carrying mosquitoes do not deliberately transmit these malaria parasites, in fact, these mosquitoes are just victims of an ecological coincidence. We had managed to live with other creatures that deliberately manufacture their offensive poisons and use it against both humans and other creatures but we can’t for once try to understand the unfortunate and defenceless mosquitoes.

Mosquitoes did not choose our blood as food, nature chose it for the mosquitoes, most other creatures deliberately try to disable their prey, attack it or kill it  before feeding on them but mosquitoes patiently wait for us to sleep before feeding on our blood, mosquitoes love us, mosquitoes see us as their blood farms, they prefer us to blossom and stay alive because mosquitoes can not feed on dead humans with congealed blood why can’t we see that these mosquitoes want us to stay alive too.

In the end, the hate is just that deep but even though no one will ever speak up for the unfortunate mosquitoes we ought to let them know that we understand how much they respect us and love us, mosquitoes had been most unfortunate to be a transmitter of one of the world most deadly killer the malaria parasite but we need to understand that even at that, mosquitoes are victims here and these mosquitoes had paid more than enough with their own blood. These beautiful creatures do not deserve the hate, The Mosquitoes Do not Deserve the Hate.

Alex Bells in Defence of the unfortunate Mosquitoes.

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