Engrossment Disparity shaped by Abilities Fostering Human Development

We are all good somehow, the difference is in our Engrossment Disparity. How much time, energy and other resource are we putting in towards our passion. Often do we see a wise man say look at that fool, why do he not improve his wisdom then many more times we see the wealthy say, look at that poor man, why don’t he improve his wealth or is it the time when we see the academician say look at that ignorant man, I Wonder why he does not see a reason in going to school. The truth is that our value chain is different and no one is in the best position to tell what is really the best.

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Understanding the concept of Engrossment

Often our society had been able to impact our value chain up to the point that we almost knows what is best for us but it remains debatable to prove that one value is better than the other, we had as a society been able to filter out our top value chain where things like Education, Economic power, Politics, Wisdom, Technology had come to be the base of our value chain then we forget that there are people who are most naturally meant for the rest of the things we had chosen to almost do away with. The real thing is that there are people best fit to be fools, there are people best fit to be poor while there are just other people who are best fit as ignorant.

We often are more accepting of our lapses in physique than our lapses in psychology and other intangible features, for example, we understand if people are tall, short, have big eyes, overweight and so on but we don’t seem to understand when people have a slight disinclination towards a particular subject as a part of natural selection.

Despite our lopsided view of natural selection as it regards intangible features, a very important factor in human development is engrossment Disparity: Our interest, attention and effort towards a particular subject differ. Every individual has his own special feature which is quite different from whatever anybody dead or alive ever contemplated, these special features will never be unlocked if we continue to live by the dictates of the society.

Even in the pursuit of those values and  undertakings where the society gives priority and preference, it will be really unfair to expect everyone to pursue such aspect with similar zeal, the truth remains that there is beauty to everything but not everyone sees it, for the very people who found these beauties in the opposite side of things, we often are moved to judge these individuals by our views.

When we see these things in a little better view, our partaking in such activities will be different from the way the rest of the people will partake in it, often we put more dedication to these things because we had seen the beauty of it, these things become even more beautiful a coincidence when such our inclination is also accepted by our society.

Now given the fact that our society has failed to see some intangible aspect of us as a part of natural selection it makes real another scenario that given those pursuits that our environment and society have so acknowledged that efficiency will also be impacted by our differences in practice, time invested and the rest of the efforts, which I prefer to term as Engrossment Disparity.

Now let’s assume that natural selection does not play a role in our intangible faculties and that everyone has equal chances of efficiency then Engrossment Disparity will come into play, the Engrossment Disparity is then the naturally possible input/effort that one can put in the development of an aspect although most times input is limited by other factors which will at the end effect the engrossment Disparity thereby impacting how good we become at the end of the day, this is given the partial acknowledgement of the disparity in the factors that some more near impossible to control aspect exist which shapes most things.

So if we have to overlook the part of natural selection and give everybody expected equal performance there are still other factors that come to play, these factors reveal a scenario where Engrossment Disparity becomes evident in the sense that engrossment Disparity is the very ability to overcome distraction in the face of many attractive and distractive options.

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