Ultimate Relevance the Unfulfilled Desire of Mankind

We often live, live again and again wishing to live again, again and again. In all these desires, a pattern remains prevalent, our unquenchable pursuit to attain ultimate relevance, for the most part, most of us never wished to die and so we wish nothing of value to us ever fades to the gloomy light of irrelevance maybe then we may ask, what is it about relevance, then in our own very aspect as a modern human society we could see relevance in the context of this very summary, that our world is moved by the very few genii who makes a difference, the majority fools who get addicted to the difference, the few others who criticize, compete and seek to ruin and then the rest of the people wallowing in indifference and apathy, all these come together to impact that which is known as relevance.

Image for Ultimate Relevance

But then a look will show that while such approach to what constitutes relevance will not take account of other things that fall out of our real justification yet constitutes a real-time meaning, these things may or may not find a place in our real context but, the impact of relevance on them could be seen over time, space or within other value frame.

With all that had been said, we then may see that when we substitute these societal analogues to most things, we could realize the impact of mutual existence, alternatives and time acting upon most things, for the rest of the things where time is irrelevant then we may see other form of change acting to influence the order of things, Relevance then is not just about us but the bewildering questions which we will never be able to completely answer is the impact of Relevance among other existences for example, often we’d see two closely planted tree struggling to get more sunshine, this to them could be a matter of Relevance,  due to our limited knowledge of the impact of relevance within these other objects, we may never be able to ascertain whether they as well strife for ultimate relevance, maybe not the tree though because we understand their cognitive, emotional and psychological limitations but what about the rest of the animals.

With the concept of territorial domination among many animal species especially in the area of food and the opposite sex, it then becomes factual that these animals also seek relevance which they would wish to be everlasting, maybe just like we too desire, they also want to stay important, alive and dominate for as long as possible, whether this factor is a product of the instinct especially in the lower species or an adaptive feature remains questionable.

Whether these other creatures are aware of their relevance is another aspect of their possible advanced psychology which we may have never attributed much to the lower kingdom but if these other creatures knowingly fight to stay relevant then that’s a good prove of psychological sophistication, one that we may not have really envisaged, because if they are aware of their period of relevance then it goes a long way to support more complex psychology like pride, emptiness, respect etc.

Whether in the rest of existences or our own, many things, situation or even ourselves are impacted by the force of relevance, a major determiner of the place of things are the impact of factors, things are relevant given the relationship in the medium of existence otherwise they will erode the primary setting and then they may become irrelevant to earlier attained relevance, as time-space and situation evolve, these things change and their value within earlier contest may change but then even such change may give rise to another form of Relevance although maybe not appreciated by the current medium but maybe appreciated by the next medium or not, then our desire to attain ultimate relevance although maybe an impossible desire, it could be envisaged then that even when the ultimate relevance is not attainable, even with a fading relevance, there may be something unforeseen that could put the things back into relevance given a new and suitable medium then it becomes valid that ultimate relevance may be possible but not necessarily in the same medium or else we fade.

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