Ethical Exploit (White Hat Yahoo): a Skill That Can Shake The World

Ethical Exploit (White Hat Yahoo): a Skill That Can Shake The World by Alex Bells. It is not just a book it is an ideology, it is a movement and it is a revolution. The cyberspace is a world on its own, a country, a government etc. The Internet is more like a complex archipelago where each island fights for survival, influence and dominion.Image for Ethical Exploit (White Hat Yahoo) By Alex Bells

The Negros are being systematically decimated on the cyberspace. A system that makes equity impossible makes criminality unavoidable, the internet is a multitrillion-dollar entity ridden with injustice. The Nigerian Yahoo Boy menace emerged partly as a result of these injustices.

It is near impossible to reach your Dream as an African, Indian and even Pakistani on the internet without being a Yahoo Boy, seriously those of us who earn a great deal of their living on the internet would understand better.

In this archipelago, there had been a group more like the pyrates or even like the wolfs devouring unsuspecting victims. At this point, you must have known that in this internet archipelago of ours a lot of factors directs the tide and the Nigerian Yahoo boys are one such tide that emerged as a result of the negligence of the cyberspace need of a certain people and a vivid marginalisation, discrimination and oppression of some individuals from some bonafide member states of the internet community.

At a time, we have to ask for more than what meets the eyes, part of why we are human is because we can question the order of things on this ground I tell you, my friend, that our continent Africa had been caught up in a web of chaos, that our boys are engaging in the Yahoo boy practice is not the major problem, the major problem is the environment that made such practice a means to survive.

The Book (Ethical Exploit or White Hat Yahoo) took a deep look into the affairs of the Nigerian yahoo boys in an unbiased manner to dig out some positive aspect of the activities of the group that had never been acknowledged noting that the solution to the group’s menace lies right inside of the group itself.

In this context of looking at the brighter side of the group’s numerous activities, a new dimension was discovered (Ethical Exploit or White Hat Yahoo). In the best part, Alex Bells painted one of the most vivid approaches to solving the menace of the Black Hat or Unethical Yahoo practice by countering their activities with similar but opposite methods.

The Book also mirrored into the future of the Cyberspace with special interest on the African aspect as Alex Bells believed that being a yahoo Boy is unavoidable as long as the internet makes it impossible for some individuals to be successful. The big question now is can someone be a good yahoo boy? simple logic will demonstrate that if being bad is possible then being good could be the possible opposite, then in the event of a possible opposite of the intention and application of the yahoo boy practice then you may already have the answer but if you are still in doubt then try and read the book.

Taking note of the fact that the internet is the biggest empowerment entity ever, limiting the influence of a people in the cyberspace and suppressing the spread of their own civilisation is subjecting them to further imperialism and poverty. The internet is a very huge economy and market, it is unfair to limit a people’s influence by instigating hate and racism and promoting the notion that a particular people are of low standard and are not capable of producing worthy products yet are able to perpetrate sophisticated crimes.

Our Government had also been victimized by a global community crying wolf and pushing our governments and government institutions into indiscriminate clampdown of their own youth. Even our government is a victim here and we should rather not blame our governments but chat a new direction to assure our government and credible members of the society of our solidarity.

We are the ones who can show the difference, we are the ones who can save our country, our continent and the entire cyberspace, That we are Yahoo Boys is not our fault but to be good yahoo boys should be our choice.

I want to implore to every African out there who believes in our place in the internet to start promoting the yahoo boy practice in a better light, I want to also implore especially to our Movie industry (Nollywood) You guys have a lot of work to do on our rebranding and personally I won’t mind handing over my movie script on Ethical Exploit (White Hat Yahoo) to any serious producer out there.

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