Every Stock have Scams, Either You trade the Stock or You Trade The Scam

In every stock, there is a scam and in every scam, there is a stock within, the difference between the stock in the scam and the scam in the stock is that in a real stock one is telling you the lies where the selling feature may or may not be real while in scam stock one is telling you about the presence of a stock that is not trading. A stock can never work effectively without a scam and a scam relies on a stock to be successful.

Having seen the relationship between stock and scam then do you ever wonder now why scammers always opt to convince victim into buying an imaginary stock most times and real stock sells also on the basis of imaginary benefits which only comes after you have made an investment, so in this case, the difference between a scam and a stock is the value system of the originator.

The real value of a stock is the amount of scam that had been filtered off otherwise in the origin every stock starts with a value zero promising an increment after investment, and so is every scam, scams start out at value zero, the only difference between a stock and a scam is security and reputation. Most firms leverage on reputation and securities to turn their scams to stocks, without reputation and securities then regular stocks are not quite different from regular scams.

So imagine a company’s stock trading really high because they are on top of their scam game, if market forces act on the investors and they’d pull out their investment then you will see the company fold, the real issue where business sustain itself is because they have become so good at their scam that it is almost impossible for every investor to pull out their investment at the same time. If that happens then the business will collapse.

If the business can collapse just because investors pulled out their money then why can’t we assume that such business is a scam but thriving because of people who are willing to let go of their cash for an unforeseen future although a bit predictable under a transparent environment but the truth is that apart from securities and reputation every stock is a potential scam and every scam is a potential stock. The question should be who is the scammer, what are the structures, how transparent is he or she and is he ready to get to work.

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