Coronavirus in Africa: A proposed Nigerian template

Coronavirus in Africa, it may seem like a matter of time before the deadly coronavirus hits Africa, well with Africa in the question everyone is looking up to Nigeria because coronavirus in Africa will definitely impact Nigeria whether directly or indirectly so we in Nigeria would be proposing varieties of ways we may fight off the virus anytime it hits Africa.

There is a popular Nigerian saying that an announced war does not kill the crippled, here in Nigeria and most part of Africa we don’t have the capacity to build a 1000 bed capacity hospital in six months talk more of in six days, we don’t have a pragmatic, robust and energetic medical emergency response facility but that does not mean that we can’t do something to protect our lives. We are hoping that our government will do her best but a great bulk of what that will decide our safety will rely on the attitude of the citizens.

Now that the coronavirus is not yet reported here it is time for us to prepare in our own little way while we hope that our different government handle the technical and diplomatic side.

We may follow these steps in solidarity with our different government effort in the fight against the highly contagious and deadly virus.

1. On our own as a people, we can declare an unofficial curfew which means people are advised to stay indoors on the case of a report of a possible Positive case of the virus here. Families are advised to get at least two weeks food and important items supply now that the virus is not yet here as you may expect lesser movement if the virus happens to arrive here.

2. One great weapon we can have here in Africa is our faith, please for the good of all of us people should not knowingly spread the virus, please even if you tested positive to the virus, continue to wear your surgical masks as that will help to prevent the spread to others as there may be shortage of surgical mask for the rest of the people so if infected individuals adhere to the use of surgical mask it will be great. Quarantine yourself if by any means you get in contact with the virus don’t go to public places, avoid travelling in public bus, don’t try to seek medical attention in a crowded hospital and don’t mind the possible stigma that may arise, if people run away from you, understand it only natural and move away from them, don’t take offence but try not to put them in danger in retaliation.

3. Understand that there is no vaccine or drug for this particular sickness, so medical expert and victims should focus on managing symptoms, for the victim drinking plenty of water and rest could be helpful, for the medical experts observing safe medical procedure would be of great importance.

5. We are yet to understand the nature of this virus or its survivability outside the host but the hash environmental condition in Africa may impact the spread of the virus which could either be positive or negative.

5. In other to avoid future emergence of Coronavirus in Africa victims should avoid contact with animals like snakes, rats, sea animals etc as these animals seem to be the natural reservoir of the virus and if they happen to contact it, it could make the condition endemic in Africa which could lead to the emergence of new strains of the virus in the continent.

6. Your phone is your best friend in this situation don’t call people to help you if you are suspecting that you are positive to the virus rather stay away from people and call emergency number which I believe will be available as the situation progress, no matter how much pain, how much suffering, if you already suspect it is coronavirus quarantine yourself and call emergency, please, be your brothers keeper we don’t want Coronavirus in Africa, not at all.

As the World Health Organisation has declared the Novel Coronavirus a global emergency, we may be rest assured that we are not alone on this, and at last, humanity is going to survive it.

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