Continental Economy and Its Stages of development and integration

The Economy of Every Continent is connected in such a way that makes for unique economic distribution, control and growth within such continent this relationship impacts the base of the continents economy or its continental economy.

Continental economy comes from the notion that every Continent you see today was once a single economy, as the world grew, different stages of economic development graced our planet, the idea of sovereignty as regards the formulation of modern states is really a characteristic of the modern society, these modern societies started out during the times of early civilisation were there started an extended cohesion within the human society.

Humanity was almost never prepared for an exploding population, but at a point, we faced an unprecedented growth and that changed the Dynamics of mankind and the real meaning of human society. The first move of Mankind for a stronger cohesion must have been as a result of clashes of interest within smaller groups and individuals.

These Brutal clashes of interest made for mutual understanding that rose from the fact that each party had to come to the realization that in other to reduce the awful results of these clashes then a common community where recognition and uniform interest persists is necessary and then people started to move according to interest lines uniting and interbreeding with groups that best fit their interest and then our first move into a concept of a larger community, these continued and today we have a global community comprising different countries.

As earlier stated on the bases of interest, communities unite with communities of similar interest within that notion then, the concept of trade and economy which came, later on, had to leverage on the established system and then economy grew towards interest lines and as far as sharp contrast is not evident, the people naturally wish to take economic cohesion to the end of the hook, then being that the continent is the biggest human-inhabited fraction of the earth known in most of those days, each community in the continent wish that their own economy becomes the status quo of the continent.

The bid to dominate the continent led to competitions which created another clash of interest then up to a point amidst clash and crisis, another of cohesion starts in other to avoid the brutal result of a clash of interest and a diplomatic and economic relationship started where the continent strives to maintain a single economy as noted earlier that small community with similar interest voluntarily unite then with a similar economic interest comes a move for a single economy leading to a single continental economy.

A great modern example of a continental economy is the European Union then again after much of the whole growth at the apex of it all there will be parasitism as some societies become lazy and rely on the efforts of other members such attitude triggers disintegration example as seen in Brexit, and then the cycle continues and then it all becomes a chain of cohesion and disintegration or a series of evolvement.

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