Covid 19 Amnesia: We almost Forgot What Living Used To be

Months and Months of Lockdown, Nose Masks, Hand Sanitizers no handshake, frequent hand washing, social distancing had become so much a part of the society that we had almost forgotten what life used to look like, what more could describe the situation if not the covid 19 Amnesia. Nobody will tell you that Amnesia is a symptom of covid 19 but how much we have forgotten yesterday.

Although Most People will be impacted by the Covid 19 Amnesia, Some people are more likely going to be more affected. The People That Will Mostly be Impacted by covid 19 amnesia includes.

  • Doctors Who Had Forgotten That Other Sicknesses Still Exist: Doctors had been the most impacted as far as the covid 19 amnesia is concerned, so most patients who come to the hospital had become covid 19 suspects by default. In fact, drugs and heath resources usually used for other ailments are strategically channelled towards the fight against covid 19, so one will go to the hospital in Africa where Malaria is still more common and pose more risk than covid 19, but the doctor is going to suspect Covid 19 before suspecting Malaria. With the emergence of covid 19, it did feel like other sicknesses suddenly became extinct.


  • African Leaders Who Had Gotten used to Africa: Africa was a special concern during the onset of the Coronavirus Pandemic. With a fragile health system and wanton corrupt practices among officeholders, it was uncertain the fate of the people of Africa and the fate of relief materials that will be sent. Well while the world was looking at Africa from the above perspective, a new trend was developing that will eventually impact African leaders. As Countries continued locking out each other, African leaders who had been notorious for their penchant for oversea travel at any slightest opportunity was for the first time forced to stay home.


  • Pilots Who had forgotten how to fly: With the airline industry facing imminent difficulty as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, many pilots and other aviation staff were laid off, now the big question is perhaps these pilots had another chance at mounting the cockpit again, would they be looking at the panel like the TV he or she had gotten used while staying at home over the months.


  • Students Who Had Forgotten what School Used To Look Like: While lots of countries are implementing online and other methods of distanced learning, the fact is that these development does not in most cases replace the role of the school, school is not just another learning place, schools play crucial roles in the society apart from conventional learning. So many people go to school because they enjoy so and so classmate’s company, etc. but now all those other aspects of school is gone, the question now is, won’t the students forget what school looked like.

A lot more people will suffer the Covid 19 amnesia, while so many people will just miss the past, some might just forget.

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