United Niger Alliance Flag: The Inspirations

The United Niger Alliance Flag was designed by Ogechukwu Abugu, who is also the founder of the Alliance.

Image for United Niger Alliance Flag
The United Niger Alliance Flag

The Flag with three white Stars, three stripes and blue background, one of the Stripes having red colour while the remaining two stripes have white colours.
The Three Stars represent the three Regions, their regional integrity, their right to self-determination, their independence and freedom. The three Regions are the Upper Niger (Middle Belt of Nigeria) The Lower Niger (South-East Nigeria) and The Niger Delta (South-South Nigeria)
The First White Stripe represents a connection by the River Niger.

The Second and red Stripe represents a connection by blood, our unity and strength together, our love for one another and our determination to face challenges together.
The third and white stripe represents a common interest in peace and prosperity.
The blue background which symbolizes the sky represents a common habitual environment which means we live under the same sky and for that fact we seek shared stability, cooperation, wisdom, intelligence, trust, loyalty etc. within the region.

In the United Niger Alliance, we are not creating an entirely new ideology rather we are rekindling a relationship that used to be, a relationship that our ancestors had upheld through centuries of peaceful neighbourhood. We aspire to once again bring back our unity, our peaceful borders and our relationship of mutual respect, prosperity, other benefits and alliance.

Noteworthy is the fact that the United Niger Alliance is not a separatist group: read more about this here United Niger Alliance: We are Nigerians


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