United Niger Alliance a survivalist Ideology

The United Niger Alliance is a walk into the past for the People of Upper Niger (Middle Belt), Lower Niger (South East) and Niger Delta (South-South) of present-day Nigeria, the geographical scope of the United Niger alliance ranges from Southern Kaduna to Benin City (Edo), the emergence of the new alliance became necessary as the reality in Nigeria becomes more unbearable every passing day. For the Inhabitant of these areas, it becomes crucial for us to look into our past, it became important for us to ask questions, how did we live for thousands of years’ side by side in such a considerate peace, trade and tolerance.

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For thousands of years, our people had been living within the Niger, where different groups lived side by side in solidarity and alliance respecting each other’s differences and working together in our common interest like trade, industry and above all our desire for peace and the pursuit of learning from one another, our boundaries having been long established trespassing and dispute had been reduced to the barest minimum.

Even before Mungo Park and his infamous Source of the Niger Story or before the docking of the first colonial ship, we had lived within this very home, where the very river Niger wash through, we started out as very tiny indigenous groups and today we had grown in various degrees that can withstand. Before the coming of the British, we existed side by side respecting each other’s space, no major war, no conquest, rather we had thrived tremendously individually and as a people.

A systematic discord had been sown between us the brothers within the Niger that in 1967 our own very brother by the person of Lt Col Yakubu Gowon was systematically made a figurehead in the Nigerian civil war, the particular war that was predominantly aimed at disuniting the people of the Niger and breaking us apart for a futuristic piece by piece defeat, that war started a very long time ago, and up till now it is still raging, how about Southern Kaduna, How about Benue, we all can’t turn our back if it were you yesterday, it can be you tomorrow and if it is not you today, it may be you tomorrow.

The Secret of the future of Nigeria is when neighbours unite, when we unite in trade, in industry, in entertainment and security only then can we achieve all-round success, the security of life and properties and regional integrity. The truth is that in our current world, prosperity is the biggest deterrent as that makes offensives readily accessible, we were able to live in peace and harmony in the past because our forefathers understood that our prosperity was very crucial then we pursued prosperity and brought glory home, we didn’t consider war a good measure so we hardly invested in war, this motive of prosperity resulted in very peaceful Niger region.

Today we are going to stand up together in an alliance to resist any attempt aimed at stalling our civilization, destabilizing our region, destroying our economy, forceful occupation and takeover of our territory and destruction of our lives and properties, from Southern Kaduna to Benin City this alliance and solidarity will be effective.

Our differences wouldn’t matter much especially in the face of existential threats because whether you are Ijaw, Igala, Igbo, Tiv, Idoma, Benin, Efik, Ibibio etc, what effects your neighbours may eventually rub off on you, there is no better time for us to unite than now because the future of Nigerian and our fate in the union primarily depends on us, the connection between us will continue to be there as far as humanity remains, Igala and Tiv, Idoma will always be neighbours, Igbos, Tiv, Ijaw, Ibibio, Efik will always be neighbours, Benin, Ijaws, Esan will always be neighbours etc. so the choice before us is such that we can choose to be friends and allies with our neighbours or choose outsiders whom the happenings in our region will only be of secondary importance.

The best time for the United Niger Alliance is now because the United Niger Alliance is not a new ideology, it had been there we just need to look into our past because as it seems now, the solution to the present and the future seem to be in the evaluation of our past.

Noteworthy is the fact that the United Niger Alliance is not a separatist or secessionist  group, read more on this here: United Niger Alliance: We are Nigerians

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