United Niger Alliance: We are Nigerians

The United Niger Alliance is not a separatist group, first of all, our alliance with the bigger Nigeria space is non-negotiable which means that we are first Nigerians before anything else, we are Nigerians at heart and indeed.

Image by United Niger Alliance saying they are Nigerians
United Niger Alliance: We are Nigerians

As long as Nigeria exists, It is even impossible to separate the United Niger Alliance from the bigger Nigerian umbrella as no one is more Nigerian than the members from these regions, most of the groups living along these three regions have been proven to be indigenous to the area and had been living in this ancestral space for thousands of years.

Our First Alliance is to the Nigerian state as it continues to protect the interest of her citizens, we wish to maintain a cordial relationship with non-member regions and we reserve the right of admittance of groups or regions which might be interested in joining the Alliance in the future.

In our pursuit of regional stability, progress and security within the immediate Niger region, we make it clear that our sole aim is to unite for mutual understanding and survival.

Within the very existence of the Nigerian State, individuals from the United Niger Region had made some of the most significant contributions to the country, as it stands now, the United Niger collectively have more at stake in the Nigeria project than any other Region.

When we talk about prominent people from the Region that had put the Pan Nigerian interest before many other interests, we talk about Nnamdi Azikiwe (Zik of Africa) a notable Lower Niger Son from Onitsha, We talk about Lt Yakubu Gowon from Kanke in Plateau State who led a civil war against his own people to keep the country together and recently we have seen Dr Goodluck Jonathan an Ijaw son who made the historic concession call the ultimate sacrifice for a peaceful transition of presidential power in Nigeria. This is to say that men of this region are really passionate about our country and the only way we can preserve that the labour of our heroes past Shall never be in vain is by following the footpath of these great leaders from our region.

In this regard, we make it clear that we are not a Secessionist group but an integral group aligned with the Nigerian state, for the very reason of promoting cohesion, industry, security and all-round civilisation within our region because we believe that it is only when our region is stable and prosperous that we can positively contribute to the Nigerian project.

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