Hybridized Development keeping Africa Underdeveloped

The current state of Africa can be best described as hybridized development. In Africa, it is neither an ultra-modern setting nor a legendary heritage, our beautiful heritage had been lost in a bid to be developed. We are neither completely west nor East and not even African anymore.

Our magnificent ancient heritage had been lost. Beautiful ancient cities like the city of Benin and Kano just to mention but two in Nigeria had been lost, our beautiful architecture abandoned for western and Eastern styles. Old beauties are going fast, what we are, how far we have come to deny our heritage instantly displays in the non-uniformity of our environment. What we see is a shanty slum within a megacity, three-piece suit made of Ankara material, Married to one wife but keeps three concubines, all these are hybridized lifestyle, we are neither modernised nor enjoying our heritage.

A look at developing economies of the last century has shown that societies that uphold their heritage are more likely to develop faster. China, South Korea, India were all developing countries in the last century but a look at these countries today shows that they are not in the same level with their African counterparts, although an advantage those other countries have over most African countries is that they are almost homogenous countries, apart from being homogenous, they did not just throw away their heritage rather they advanced it and built a civilisation that rivals the rest of the world.

The first step to leading in our world of today is to build from your comfort zone and nothing could be more comfortable than building on your heritage. There had been no masterpiece housing or government institution in Nigeria modelled from our heritage, magnificent architecture of our long past is left in the oblivion of lost civilisation. It is a shame that even our government don’t try to rekindle our past, there seem to be no pride at all about what led us to this day, how we forget our wonders of thousands of years because of an encounter of a few centuries ago baffles me.

A major cause of the Underdevelopment in Africa is as a result of the abandonment of our heritage, we don’t value our past, we don’t even value ourselves, our affinity towards anything western or eastern makes for extreme hybridization leading to hybridized development.

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