Persons with Disabilities: What hope does the future offer

Our natural ability as humans are quite limited but for persons with disabilities, it becomes even more worrisome, our world has become so difficult today that the “able-bodied” struggle to survive what then becomes the fate of persons incapacitated by disabilities.

Image for learning for persons with disabilities
Persons with Disabilities partake in an educational exercise

It is understandable that the world can’t be fair maybe then everyone has their own disability but some have more pronounced disabilities than others, so while we struggle through everyday life, let us also remember those whom survival would be almost impossible without additional support, an appeal to our sensibility.

For the majority of persons living with disabilities, the feeling of hate, neglect, low self-esteem and inferiority complex makes them hide or give them the belief that they are not part of the world but more importantly what help do we the so-called “able-bodied” persons offer?

Imagine being in their shoes and not having the resources you have now, what would have become of you?

Kudos to the few NGOs like German Leprosy &TB Relief Association, Bina Foundation, RedAid Nigeria etc. who have dedicated their time and resources to support persons with disabilities, promote the rights of persons with disabilities and integrate them into a world where everyone lives as equal, where public and private facilities will be accessible without much hitches. A world where they can live, work without discrimination, where they can contest political positions, vote and be voted for etc. Quite frankly They are doing their best but a lot more needs to be done by both the government and private individuals.

Using Nigeria as a case study, it’s extremely difficult for Persons with disabilities to survive because of the society they are exposed to, the neglect, the rejection and the discrimination even from members of the immediate family although these days many are coming out of their shells.

In most part of Lagos state, they sweep bridges to earn a living and in other parts of Nigeria, they resort to begging because there is this conception that all they need is help but for the persons that have or had the opportunity to get an education, you find out that their level of intelligence is high, they prove that they can adapt to situations and sometimes even better than persons without disabilities.

Image for sports for persons with disabilities
Some Persons with Disabilities Partake in Sports Activities

Thanks to NGOs such as RedAid Nigeria, Bina Foundation etc for taking up the challenge of catering for the needs of persons with disabilities

A quick look at RedAid Nigeria and what they stand for below

RedAid Nigeria's Logo
RedAid Nigeria taking the lead in the fight for an inclusive society for persons with disabilities

RedAid Nigeria, a young Nigerian non-governmental organisation. Whose mission is to provide healthcare services to indigent people affected by neglected tropical diseases and other diseases associated with poverty and their consequences such as disabilities. With a focus on health which will enable Nigerians with impairments to (re)gain control of their lives.

RedAid Nigeria is affiliated with the international organisation German Leprosy and TB Relief Association (GLRA) which has 50+ years of experience in the Nigerian healthcare and rehabilitation sector.

Aside from NGOs such as RedAid, Bina Foundation etc, the Government at all levels need to do more to improve the lives of Persons with Disabilities, such as educating the general public on their rights, creating an enabling environment for their use, improving public facilities such as schools, Banks, government secretariats, sidewalks and most importantly kill in totality the fallacies many people have built up concerning Persons with Disabilities and the diseases they suffer.

As individuals, we should also change our mentality concerning persons with disabilities, Show a lot more of love and Empathy, Kill the assumption that all they need is money and material help, and in a short while we will see that these people are more intelligent than we can ever imagine.

Disability history needs to be integrated within our school system so that children can learn from a very young age that Persons with disabilities are not less of a human and their disabilities doesn’t make them less intelligent.

Image for Voting by persons with disabilities
A person with disability exercising his civic right during an election process

If this is taught at a young age, less discrimination and more social inclusion will occur. Having kids with and without disabilities learning side-by-side helps everybody appreciate the talents and gifts all kids bring with them. As a society, we have the responsibility to promote the inclusion of our differences.

Remember the saying that there is ability in disability.


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