Hong Kong a British backdoor into Chinese affairs

Hong Kong is neither entirely free no captive but Hong Kong’s destiny may continue to hang in the balance as many especially the Chinese government continues to be concerned about the future of Hong Kong as part of China,  especially as Hong Kong had become a fertile ground for the British government to sow their anti-China agenda, it then becomes fair to call Hong Kong a British backdoor into Chinese affairs.

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Hongkongers Protest Against China

But in reality, is Hong Kong a British backdoor into Chinese affairs?

Hong Kong a former British territory on its way of reintegration into China, for Hong Kongers, no Hong Konger alive today knows what it looked like to be Chinese, within the 99 years that Hongkong was leased to the British it becomes understandable that every Hongkonger alive today were born or raised Hong Kong and not Chinese, with exposure to western media which have painted China in an unfair light it is understandable the paranoid in Hong Kong over Chinese influence.

Neither China nor the British wants Hong Kong to be a separate country, on the British side, an entirely independent Hong Kong will limit British influence on Hong Kong and also close the Back door that Hong Kong Offers into China, On the side of China, China knows that Hong Kong is a fight to finish in other not to go the way of old USSR, Hong Kong needs to be tamed and kept in control as far as China is concerned, Hong Kong is China and must remain so. The message is that clear, China isn’t disintegrating anytime soon.

With these two and other global powers interest in Hong Kong, there is bound to be tensions. Would Hong Kong be a willing tool in the hands of the enemies of China ?, as had been seen recently in the development of recent British immigration reforms as regards Hong Kong which China had frowned at. The truth remains that as far as China keeps growing powerful, the west especially Britain would never let go of Hong Kong. This affinity however may justify the assumption that those calling Hong Kong a British backdoor into Chinese affairs could be right.

Hong Kong on the other hand had become a thorn in China’s flesh because everything in Hong Kong from their Democracy to their Media breathes anti-China. With a greater majority of young people who have seen the world outside of the restricted Chinese space, it becomes clear that no one understands the Chinese propaganda more than these Hongkongers.

A seeming truth we can infer from the demonstration and rejection of Chinese control in Hong Kong may imply that nobody who has seen the world would want to be restricted to the Chinese walls as the Chinese Government doesn’t hide their restrictive attitudes.

Hanging on the balance between the east and the west, the destiny of Hong Kong may be controversial for generations but while it lasts, the British is in a win-win situation where they are chanced to torment mighty China.

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