Donald Trump Reelected, Matter Of Miracle

What would headlines look like after the American general election? “Donald Trump Reelected” Sound Sort of like a miracle because currently,  it all feels like everything is working against the incumbent president of the United State. Although Donald Trump had always had magics to his coming, whether he wins again this time would be subject to a surprising political miracle, a whole lot of factors are working against him.

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Trump or Biden, Who Wins?

In 2016, it did seem at first like Trump was going to lose, most indication prior to the election day was pointing at a Hillary Clinton Win but at the end, it was much like Americans through their votes preferred Donald Trump.

A lot had changed in the last four years and this time Trump will be up against Joe Biden who ran unsuccessfully for the Democratic presidential nomination in 1988 and 2008. Biden was re-elected six times to the U.S. Senate and was the fourth-most senior senator when he resigned after winning the vice presidency alongside Barack Obama in the 2008 presidential election; Obama and Biden were reelected in 2012. This shows a man with astute experience of the American system and intimidating profile and connection.

Democratic challenger Joe Biden is currently leading Donald Trump in the national polls as the US approaches its next presidential election. Currently, the 10-poll average indicates that just under 50 per cent of Americans intend to back Joe Biden while Mr Trump’s support trails this by around five to six points.

Americans will very likely vote on Tuesday 3 November 2020 so as to elect their next President, either giving Mr Trump another four years or bringing in Mr Biden to man the white house

Another factor that could play on the election is Donald Trump’s taking ill of Covid-19, his recovery and overall health could decide voter’s considerations

Though the President now appears to have recovered, whether this very factor could win him some sympathy and votes is unclear given the impact of the coronavirus ailment on Boris Johnson, who saw a remarkable increase in his personal approval rating during his illness.

Mr Trump had worn in 2016 despite losing the popular vote and losing out on most prior indicators, so it is still far too early to say who will win the presidential election but we had seen Trump pull a surprising win before but Joe Biden is not Hillary Clinton. “Donald Trump Reelected” remains a miraculous postulation at best for now.

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