Nigeria Military Exercises; Controversial Code Names

Nigeria Military Exercises had always created lots of controversy within the populace especially as seemingly dangerous code Names are used in the relatively peaceful south while seemingly harmless code names are applied in the relatively violent North.

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In a time of Unrest and the land of Nigerians, the future of the security of a great country lies in the hands of a Chief of Army Staff, his name is Tukur Yusuf Buratai.

While these code names may have been inspired by nepotism, a closer look had shown that there could be good reasons these code names were adopted.

Operation Lafiya Dole for the North but Python dance for the East same Nigeria Military Exercises different and controversial code names.

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Nigerian Soldiers

Taking a closer look at these code names, one may be able to see that though unintended, the code Names does just what it needs it to do, the code names were intentionally adopted for either selfish or selfless purposes, either way, they have their impact.

While code name in the North is usually seemingly harmless or even in Hausa language, code names in the south especially the South-South and South-East are seemingly dangerous but a closer look should show that those are not dangerous at all but intimidating.

In the south, code Names like Operation python dance in the South East and Operation Crocodile Smile in the South-south had been witnessed while Operation Lafiadole and even more recently Operation Sahel Sanity is used in the North.

Analysing these code names further, one may be able to infer that the code name for the south although sound dangerous only implies intimidation, for once, python dance may not always mean danger it means intimidation and survival, a python dancing shows confidence but python doesn’t dance, and whenever they do dance, they are either strangling something or fatally hit, the truth is a python dancing means extreme danger but that doesn’t mean that the python is happy or out of danger the python itself could be in danger.

Another inspiration is that a python is not dangerous when it is not dancing, since python does not have venom, their bite is almost harmless and for that, the strength and attack capacity of a python is directly proportional to its size, unlike other snakes, a small Mamba can possess enough venom to kill ten people but a small python can only attack and kill smaller creatures while big python can kill and attack large animals, in summary, the strength of a python is relative to its size, which may explain the large Military presence in the South-East during those operations.

Python dance here may imply that the South-East reasons for the exercise could be a direct threat to the sovereignty of Nigeria which means that the corporate existence of Nigeria is in danger then for the army, they do know that once a python starts dancing, if the reason for the dance is bigger than the python, the python sure is on a death mission, because whatever the python fails to strangle to death may leave the python dead as such creature may be bigger and stronger than the python and could as well kill it because the python has no poison for a quick rescue.

In another sense, a python won’t just attack you and run away, unlike some other snakes that may give a fatal bite and walk away, if a python wants to hurt you, it is going to stay there and struggle it out with you, a python is also determined and not careless, a python won’t just give a killer bite just because you mistakenly stepped on it. A python either attack because it sees food or because it is really threatened but other snakes may just inflict a deadly bite just because of a step on its tail, some are even aggressive like some cobra that spits blinding poison into people’s eyes just for coming close enough. Generally, pythons are some of the noblest snakes out there.

So why do the Nigeria Army choose the python instead of let’s say a Viper, Cobra, Mamba etc., I mean if they must go with the snake family,  why python., I think the army is trying to say we are big, we will attack if it becomes absolutely necessary and we will crush you because if we don’t crush you, then you crush the very corporate existence of the Nigerian state. On the other hand, the Army doesn’t want to be a dangerously venomous snake, like the cobra, python or Mamba, because yes venomous snakes could be more deadly but they risk being hunted down, venomous snake code names with a matching exercise will spring gorilla warfare in the region, everyone wants to carefully kill these venomous snakes because unlike python, most venomous snakes are naturally dangerous, but for pythons, when they are not intimidating they are really adorable little pets.

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