Africa Bio-Weapons Potential

In a time of nuclear science, if Africa may not have nuclear power or nuclear weapons then we may explore Africa Bio-Weapons potential. Africa is potentially a bio-weapons power, in fact before we realised it, we already have some of the most deadly bio-weapon materials. For instance malaria in Africa.

Malaria was a crucial proof of Africa Bio-Weapons potential, Malaria in Africa was a devastating, experience for the white colonialists, it was in all a hell of experience especially as native Africans had some partial immunity. Thanks to the mosquitoes and the African weather, Africa had a bio Weapon even at a time we didn’t realise.

The origin of malaria in Africa may not be quite traceable, but very much of the early documented cases were colonialists. Without malaria in Africa, Africa could have seen a much more influx of Europeans earlier on but then a terrible sickness came to our aid and at least the excessive influx was put in check.
Although it maybe had to believe but noteworthy is the fact that mosquitoes and the African weather were the very factors that made Africa a black continent today, we could all had been a lot more mixed if not for our hash weather and the mystery sickness called malaria.

Although quinine was almost effective in the treatment of malaria earlier on which seemed like an antidote to our first bio-weapon, sooner a more drug-resistant strain of malaria was around thereby upgrading our bio-weapon arsenal.
Africa would always be home to some of the most terrible diseases known to mankind, today, Africa still host some of the most deadly and most classified bio weapon-grade ailments, talk of Ebola, Yello Fever, Malaria to mention only but three killer contagion, capable of mimicking a pandemic or being weaponized.

The presence of these deadly ailments should be taken seriously as they could form a bulk of Africa Bio-Weapons. Although non of African countries had ever taken the bold step of standing her ground in the global stage, the presence of these deadly sicknesses in Africa had remained a very secret deterrent that the world would never wish to talk about.

Should we ever wish to unleash some of these, the world would as well standstill, especially as there had been mass immunisation of some like Yellow fever and partial immunity to some like malaria, while Some like Ebola remains a threat, to both us and the rest of the world but we are by far more prepared to handle contagion of Ebola virus nature and scale should it ever be weaponized thereby raising the possibilities of community transmission.

Given our spaced inhabitation as against the rest of the world clustered closely together in most major cities, it will be a lot more devastating to bigger cities more associated with developed countries, again, these sicknesses are endemic here and the world had shown how much they are not prepared for a pandemic especially of a sickness with over 50% mortality and highly contagious.

There is very much likelihood for haemorrhagic contagion to thrive more in cold regions as well, as these viruses would live longer outside the host thereby giving a more effective community spreading. As long as we are concerned, the panic by the global community each time a lethal hemorrhagic fever shows up in Africa shows they are a lot concerned about community transmission in their own community and not always about ours.

Just like malaria in Africa, these other ailments still serves as a deterrent and a proof of Africa Bio-Weapons capacity. I don’t think anyone is ever requested to show any proof of the vaccination against the flu while entering Africa but Africans are made to show a vaccination proof against yellow fever, and it is even peacetime and no deliberate attempt to weaponize such. It is true that a vaccine exists for let’s say Yellow fever but there will be a global shortage if a new continent had to be infected.

Should such scenario play out in a possible weaponization of such ailment and such country or continent would have to try containing and vaccinating against multiple ailments at a time especially as there is even no proven vaccine for some, and there would be not enough vaccine for some, and then zero immunity plus drug resistance strain and even more factors, would such continent or country stand Africa in Biowarfare?

Africa has had some dose of natural protection but we have to look towards Africa Bio-Weapons, how far do we have to rely on nature’s protection, as humans I don’t think we should be thinking so much about attacking ourselves but we live in a world where the capacity to bring others to their knees is crucial to the survival of societies against the others, while Africa is adequately protected by nature, it will be stupid not to modify or create entirely new scenarios, it is up to us but soon natural protection may not be enough.

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