Coal City Football Club Enugu

The Coal City Football Club is a privately owned Nigeria football club based in Enugu state Nigeria, the Club is a relatively new club started in 2019 by Alex Ogechukwu Abugu. Given the backwardness in sport in Nigeria and the lack of private interest in Nigeria football even as new as the coal city football club Enugu maybe, it is, in reality, one of the biggest entirely private football club in Enugu state.

The Coal City football club was founded with the aim to build African football up to the standard that football development may attract both local and international investors in Nigeria in particular and Africa in general. Given the fact that Africa is a football continent as football seems to be the most popular sports in Africa, football clubs in Africa would be a potential business venture as it may seem a lot easier to start a private football club in Africa than elsewhere.

Ever since Africans set their eyes on football, the passion for football in Africa had been overwhelming, in light of the passion and employment potential of football in Africa, coal city football club was founded.
Football in Nigeria had been backward because most professional Nigeria football teams are under the control of the government, with other sources of revenues and lots of responsibilities, the government does not pay much interest to football development, especially as these state governments have other more pressing issues to attend to.

Coal city football club want to have dedicated energy, passion and management towards football in Nigeria in particular and Africa in general, coal city FC wish to be the place for professional footballers in Africa and also wants to be a big force in the Nigerian and African football leagues.

Caol city FC also wants to inspire the kind of business models that will make Nigerian investors look towards investing in Nigerian football clubs, most Nigerian business people are passionate about football but given the Nigerian footballing atmosphere that is almost non-profitable, these Nigerian football investors seek to invest in clubs overseas.

Coal city Football club wishes to bring the dynamics that investors look out for in football clubs by developing international worthy players and creating a business atmosphere that investors so desire. In the coal city Football club, we aspire to build the best players, build the best business practises and above all win more.

We are a football club founded with the aim to bring classic football to Africa as such, we are aiming for the best practices, best investors and best enabling environment for growth and development.
Coal City football club is open to endorsements, sponsorship and investors, we are ready for business and also our players are some of the best and as such we are open to player deals from both local clubs and international clubs.

We also look forward to the Nigerian national teams sourcing their players from the club, as that would not only encourage us but also make the Nigeria national league better, we look forward to being the best as we will bring fascinating football experiences to the pitch and screens.

We aspire to be our best, to give the best, to entertain and also win, we are passionate that we may do our part in replicating football as it is in developed countries, we hope to be better, what we mostly need is support and investors, and our passionate fans would never be entirely disappointed.

We will in our own capacity encourage young Nigerians to take active parts in football in particular and sports in general as the reality is that football and sports is not only beneficial for the employment potential but for health benefits and the entertainment therein, and also not overlooking the fact that sports in general and football, in particular, can make one super-rich and popular.

Rising from the very humble beginnings, coal city FC is aiming for the top, we need supports and direct investment to reach our maximum potential, we are open to investment and all sorts of positive supports, we implore the support of our fans, we can only grow because our fans are there.

We hope to not disappoint our fans so much because sports is unpredictable, we can not say that we may never disappoint but we will always give in our best, we are also thankful for the support we had gotten so far from our fans, investors and the general public, we can only grow as a result of your passion and support.

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