Yorubas in Nigeria: Wrong Country

Nigeria is the very wrong country for the Yorubas in Nigeria, Yoruba people with years of civilisation had come to be in a country that had been abusive of the pure civility of the Yorubas. Whenever I look at the different times Yoruba had been abused as a result of their civility in the Nigerian state, I really get to believe that more than every other tribe in Nigeria, Yorubas are practically in a wrong country.

The Yorubas in Nigeria more than any other group had embraced the Nigerian state, which is why the Yorubas never cared about having much of their men in the Nigerian army because they believed in the Nigeria state so much that they totally left even the defence of their people in the hands of the Nigeria defence apparatus that up till today Yorubas are still by far the least enlisted of the three major tribes in the Nigerian Military.

Many times Yorubas had opportunities to channel their people towards a direction in Nigeria, they are channelled towards modern civilisation. Which is why when Awolowo had the opportunity to establish institutions in Yoruba land, he established educational systems, he could have set up defence systems if he wanted.

When politicking is over Yorubas are purely liberal and civilisation oriented people but that’s not the Nigerian state. If Yorubas had their own country, they definitely could have gone the way of Switzerland a flourishing economy, where the banking sector and human capital development could have been top-notch, a country that will never think of going to war because they are definitely too engaged to fight yet nobody will care to fight them because it is better to let the sleeping lion sleep. We have all found ourselves in our dear fatherland (Nigeria) and we appreciate the fact we are learning to live together but then we need to appreciate those in most worthy of appreciation.

Nigerians should be wary of the Yorubas, many recent historians had described the Yorubas as being coward and betrayal but the Yorubas are just a people who are trying to accept modern civilisation and play their politics for survival albeit being too soft and sometimes wallowing in Negligence of reality, any day the Nigerian state takes the Yorubas for granted so much, if they borrow a leaf from their past, Nigeria will be engulfed in a major crisis, unlike the two major tribes in Nigeria, Yorubas in Nigeria had series of war experience in the pre-colonial era.

The Yorubas have the highest number of educated young people idly roaming the street, while the Hausa/Fulani have the Almajiri the Igbos in the other hand have most of their young men into trade, the Yoruba by far have more potential and quality Military human resources than any other tribe in Nigeria and if they choose to rehabilitate and channel these young men into the Nigerian defence project, it would be a massive shift.

Anytime there is a problem in Nigeria Yorubas lose from both side, why should it be so, During the First Nigerian coup Hausa/Fulani and Yoruba leaders were killed no Igbo leader was killed, During the counter-coup, Igbo and Yoruba leaders were Killed no Hausa/Fulani leaders were killed. Why must the Yorubas in Nigeria be killed on both side by both parties when it was not the Yorubas that led either coup.

When General Ironsi was killed alongside a Yoruba son, Ogundipe should have taken the lead but it was denied and he fled possibly out of threats, yet again the June 12 saga the Abiola incidence. Why would Ojukwu head his armies towards the west without formal invitation or consultation of the Yoruba Majority, why would Gowon take over leadership in Lagos Yoruba land even when a Yoruba senior officer was available?

What I see is a situation where each tribe call the Yorubas their friends but non have the interest of the Yorubas at heart, Why won’t an Nzogwu lead coup spare the Yorubas and why cant a the counter-coup spare the Yorubas.

Yorubas in Nigeria are really in the wrong country. Little wonder why Yoruba land was in the opposition since the return of democracy until 2015 when they made a major shift to the APC but the big question is even Now does the Nigerian state see Yorubas as worthy friends or just a people to be judged and treated as an enemy at any time.

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