Coronavirus Handling: Nigeria Fantastically Corrupt

Coronavirus Handling had shown some dark side of most countries, from China’s deliberate attempt to limit the information about the virus to America’s sluggish response to Italy’s being taken by surprise and so on, amidst all these coronavirus handling by countries, one renowned country in corruption stood out in the handling of Coronavirus, that country is Nigeria.

Corruption is not the absence of efficiency, corruption is the reality of being efficient in the wrong side, the reality of coronavirus in Nigeria remains a top-secret, if coronavirus started in Nigeria, the world would have seen a saint in China, in Nigeria 90% of the population still wallows in disbelief and ignorance of whether there is actually real coronavirus case in the country.

The Nigeria government with its health organisation had made sure that the greater majority of Nigerians do not have a glimpse of the reality of coronavirus in Nigeria. Although so many notable Nigerians had reportedly died of coronavirus, it just doesn’t seem real enough to believe that Nigeria can be so efficient in secret management.

image for Coronavirus Reporting
This is the Only way most Nigerians had Literally Seen Coronavirus

While the approach may have saved the country from panic and a lot more, it shows how efficient the Nigerian system is in concealing events and such mastery in the concealing of events is the major reason wanton corruption thrives in the country.

The NCDC had been dishing out series of daily statistics on their websites and that’s the only reality of coronavirus to the common man, unlike other countries where coronavirus patient in an ICU is a common sight here in Nigeria nothing of such could be seen.
The big question is, how could Nigeria be so effective in concealing something as big as a pandemic of coronavirus capacity, even from her own citizens.

Once again the Nigerian state had played another fast one at a time when the world was too busy to see but the situation in Nigeria is the more you look the less you see.
Nigeria has had a notorious reputation for corruption and almost every other thing bad, sometimes it feels like it had become a national identity and seemingly non-redeemable our penchant for shenanigans.

At a time of pandemic, where the world scrambled together for survival, some Nigerian governors were busy hiding palliative donated for the poor masses, why must we be wicked even to our own people. Why the world is busy fighting a pandemic we are down here displaying our different brands of wickedness.

A lot of darkness surrounded the whole coronavirus handling in Nigeria, what more had been hidden from us, was it just the palliative or there is more, the people had never hidden their scepticism about the whole situation some even going as far as claiming that the coronavirus pandemic in Nigeria is a hoax, but what do you expect when the governors and other public office holders who are feeding fat on our commonwealth makes it look like hunger is a hoax just becuase they and their families and friends can afford all they could ever need.

The pandemic is one thing, the past is another but what about the future, what have we learnt, what different steps are we to take as a people, they keep us hungry so we will never have any energy to fight but rather fight for crumbs thrown at us, how could humans be so wicked, you have more than enough but someone else has nothing, what kind of heartlessness makes people do such a thing, with no regards for the feelings and welfare of others.

What happens after the pandemics, the manner and methods of the coronavirus handling should inspire us, this is a once in a 100 years pandemic, that ushers in the maturity of a new century, the world had just been rebooted, what should we do next after the start-up, we are looking at a new world, the old world is practically gone, we are expecting the deepening and mainstreaming of digital technologies especially, with green energy all the way, what do we want, we can’t let the corruption from the past handle our future especially in this era of a new world.

Apart from corruption, the present crop of leaders wouldn’t have the capacity to handle the coming world, for one year the world stood still, that’s enough time for Africa not just to catch up but also overtake. Most people do not see the impact and meaning of the pandemic, it is a global reshuffle: power, economy and a lot got to change hands, we need to seize the opportunity and we should begin by overriding same corrupt system that kept us backwards for years.

The coronavirus handling depicted a wicked and efficiently evil leadership, a government elected to represent the people yet has little or no regards for the very people, that’s unfair and evil, if there will ever be a time to make a change, it is now, these inhumanities got to stop.

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