Igbo President: President of Igbo Distraction

The clamour in every mouth as the race for 2023 presidential Election draws closer in Nigeria is Igbo president. As far as Igbo president remains a right and the pursuits a justifiable adventure, there is no stipulated time frame when that must be. The question is, is it even practically possible to have an Igbo President because then such a person would be Nigerian president.

A country is a continuum, let’s quite the psychological attacks on the Igbos or let’s grow over it, it is true that we are a majority ethnic group but there is no place that it is written that a majority ethnic group must be president, a people as lucky as the Igbos in Nigeria, should first count their blessings before counting their loss.

Igboland is by far the most developed of all the other ethnic nationalities, bearing in mind that Igboland extends to Asaba and most part of Portharcurt (Igweocha), plus all of Igbo heartland, Igbos should be counting their blessings. Igboland has two international airports, Enugu and Port Harcourt (Igweocha) airport, that’s a lot for a tribe that had been through a civil war to still retain the title of the most advanced tribe in the country.

Igboland has 7 state capitals in Nigeria, Enugu, Awka, Asaba, Port Harcourt (Igweocha), Owerri, Abakilik, Umuahia, but they think south East is only 5 state, south East is not same as Igboland, I should assume the psychological attacks on Igbos may stop, does south-east really need an additional state when Igbos already have 7 state capitals, shouldn’t we be fighting that Asaba be added to Onitsha and be made a distinct state or that Portharcurt (Igweocha) be added to Aba and be made another state.

Igbos are blessed presidency or not, we are good. The truth is that we as a people are not politically inclined and Nigeria politicians is a totally different ballgame for us but I believe we will learn over time but Igbo politicians should stop falling for the psychological attacks and always playing the victim card if our politicians are not good at national politics, then they should play home politics and stop always being unlike Igbos in the national stage, begging for the presidency and playing on our collective intelligence for personal politician gains.

Igbo politician most time resort to threats, blackmailing other tribes and people and even playing on the emotional intelligence of the Igbo majority population by making it look like Igbos had not been presidents for so long, does it even matter to us, that Igbos in Delta state had produced governor same as rivers where Igbos had produced two-time governors, isn’t that enough to count our blessings.

We play emotional politics lot, politics is a game, it is true we can be passionate but not attached, if Igbos feel so important that they must be president at a particular time frame, we must learn how to work with others, but truth be told, Igbos are having it good in Nigeria currently, some tribes can not boast of a single senator, talk more of a governor, some can hardly dream of producing a Chairman of their own local government but look at us, we produce governors, senators, house of rep members, and we have had head of states, not just any other head of states but the head of state who brought the current government system, could altering a country’s government look like something that could be done by a pushover tribe.

Igbo president or not, Igbos are not a pushover tribe in the country, shortly after a war that saw all bank account holder with a meagre 20 pounds, today we are the engine house of the Nigerian economy, we are the technology powerhouse of Nigeria and wait for it but political and government capacity should be the last thing on the menu, Igbos should not cry when we should be smiling.

What is presidency: a really temporal stay in a public property, Abuja is not Igboland and more so Aso rock is not Igbo property, we should not be overwhelmed in occupying Aso rock for 4 to 8 years at most in a time, and then what becomes the fate of Igboland, the presidency and presidential power is quite temporal, it is much like being a tenant but our own land where we are the landlord should be what we will aspire to build, no one will ever vote us out of our land.

There are limitations to the presidential capacity, in doing federal projects, the presidency may not really be able to touch the lives of the common man, presidency builds federal roads that the common man does not frequently use, presidency builds federal bridges that only serves as an exit and entry into Igboland, presidency builds federal airport and we already have two, we also have federal universities and invariably too much of federal projects kills indigenous talents.

What we currently need is internal development which the federal government or presidency will not give us, we want human development, which the federal government or presidency will never give us, what we truly need is good governance and transparency in Igboland. Igbo presidency all though much merited given the manner it being sorted had constituted a nuisance and distraction.

The country and the world is changing, the future belongs to the developed, by development I mean mainly human development, in a merit-based and corrupt-free system, the developed may thrive, we should strive to maintain our lead in human development index, that’s what that will decide the future, I must really appreciate our human development, it really tells a lot about a bright future.

We should not let our guards down on the basis of the desire to be the president of Nigeria presently, we should aspire to create the zeal, energy and passion for growth and development so that when the presidency finally comes to Igboland someday, we utilize the opportunity to advance even more. Personally, I’m really impressed by the development in not just Igboland but other of our brothers and sister tribes who happens to be our neighbours.

We should focus on progress, peace and security, the presidency could not offer some part of the country security, development or even education, so it is not in the presidency it is in the common will of a people, we need to shape our focus and if there are some leaders that could be helpful, it is clearly not the Igbo President, it most importantly our governors, local government chairman, university chancellors, student union leaders, market leaders, women leaders, teachers, parents etc. These are the leaders we really need to build Igboland.

A president is never elected to build a particular part of the country, provision of federal security, provision of general enabling and peaceful environment, maintaining the military and representing us in the international stage, those are some really crucial duty of the presidency but in Nigeria where the president is so overwhelmed that they could not even provide these basic presidential duties, how then do we even expect them to do more, especially in Igboland where we had proven our resilience on several occasions.

All Igbo politicians should channel more of their energy in developing Igboland rather than spending fortunes in lobbying for Igbo President and the bogus campaign therein, our resources had been taken to maintain the federal system then our politicians must not give away the little left for ourselves and our children for their selfish gain of being Nigerian president if we develop Igboland as a viable place, we have a hold of the instruments of power then we will realise that everyone has a price and then presidency will come naturally on the alter of merit or mere proper politics.

Igbo president if it comes sooner is a welcome development but we should not be distracted by that, Igboland is progressing and developing at a very fast pace, there is no way the most developed and arguably the richest tribe in Nigeria will not be president soon, it a matter of when not if.

Our politicians should stop playing the victim card and making us look weak because in reality, we don’t need the presidency but the presidency needs us, the first head of state who gave Nigeria her first university is Owelle Nnamdi Azikiwe, the last pragmatic semblance of a president in Nigeria was Aguiyi Ironsi, who changed the country by altering a single document, the biggest opposition Nigeria ever got was Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu who stood the heat of Nigeria fire for three years, we are still making waves, we don’t need to count our blessings as it could be misinterpreted as being loud or boastful but even as controversial as Nnamdi Kanu and his method is, if he continues in the part of non-confrontation, history may remember him as the leader of one of the most civil secessionist movement in the whole of Africa if not globally.

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