Igbo Province Flag

The Igbo province Flag is the official flag of the Igbo province of Nigeria, Igbo province is a regional traditional government of the Igbo people of Nigeria, given the Republican nature of the Igbos and our history as a traditional democracy, Igbo province had to be modelled towards a modern democracy, the design of the flag was intended to appeal to series of considerations, giving a therapeutic effect to series of altercation and also being a flag of integration and unity.

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Igbo Province Flag

Igbo Province Flag Designer

The Flag was designed by Alex Ogechukwu Abugu who is also the first Premier of Igbo Province.

Igbo Province Flag Design Inspiration

According to the Igbo province flag designer, the Flag was inspired by 4 flag designs, 1. the Nigerian flag, 2. The defunct Biafran flag, 3. The Flag of the United State of America and 4. The Chinese Flag.

The green was inspired by Nigeria, the Golden large Star in the middle was inspired by the Sun in the Defunct Biafran flag as in reality the Sun is factually a star, The Red Background and Golden Stars were inspired by the Chinese golden Stars on a red Background Flag and the Stripes was inspired by the United State of America’s stars and stripes flag.

Symbolic Representation

The Big Star Represents Igboland and the 9 small stars represent the Different Igbo clans that made up the bigger Igbo umbrella the choice of the 9 stars is for the mathematical implication of the number 9, the number 9 is the biggest single digit in the decimal number system, it signifies the completeness of Igboland in all ramifications and the fact a single addition to 9 would make a lot of impacts and it will also be very had to reduce 9 to 1 or Zero in a multiplying system. The Stars also Represents the Unity and oneness of Igboland while rising.

The Stripe: the first stripe represents Nigeria, five stripes represent the five majority Igbo state and the last stripe represents Igbos in other states and part of the world whether they are indigenous or not, red represents connections by blood, white represent peace and progress while Green represent the fact that we are currently Nigerians and also represents the sanctity of life.

The historic implication of the Igbo province Flag

The Flag generally represents our journey as a people: some thousands of years ago, we started out as a people in the bank of the River Niger and we grew for thousands of years, we are Igbo people an indigenous tribe native to West Africa, we are connected by blood, we moved from a small group to a really big group of millions of People, our journey from scattered tribes to a single umbrella Igbo was phenomenal, at a point, we met the Missionaries, together we were able to put up a strong resistance to the British colonialist, at one point we where Eastern Nigeria, at another point we were in the Southern protectorate then around the 1914 amalgamation we became Nigerians, all these are Artificial, even a little over 50 years ago we were Biafrans for 3 years.

We stood together in one accord with other neighbouring West African tribes now fellow Nigerians to demand independence from Great Britain we must never forget no matter what happens that no matter how far apart we are today as people, we must not forget the unity of purpose that gave all of us freedom in the Morden era.

All the other title we had been known was Artificial but in all of these our journey we remained the Igbo people, that’s who we are, that’s our primary identity, no one gave us Igbo we are Igbos, this is Igboland we are Igbo province of Nigeria, West Africa, Africa and the World, We are a people.

We stand to make our stand known and the Igbo province flag will continue to fly, no matter what happens. We had seen people and things come and go, Missionaries came then left, Colonialists came then left, Eastern region of Nigeria came then left, Southern protectorate came, Biafra came then left, today we are in Nigeria.

We are patient with nature and time, ours is to be here and wait in readiness for whatever that is to come, whether we accept anything or not is entirely on us, if anything has to go it definitely not us, we are here to stay and our flag must fly, as far as we remain.

We are a survivor, we survived famines, droughts, malaria, the plague, slavery, colonialism, progrom and Massacres and a bloody civil war, we are indeed survivors, we are thankful to God that so far we are still existing. So many tribes had gone extinct but here we are today.

Today, we become one of the few African tribes to lift our own flag and join the league of nations of indigenous people like England, Scotland, Whales and Ireland to mention just a few indigenous nations of great Britain whom we got our independence as Nigerians from, we took this part because we hope to dream and achieve, that one day our men will plant both the flag of Igbo province and the Flag of Nigeria on the moon, we are passionate about Nigeria and we hope Nigeria becomes a Survivor just like us.

The Flag of Igbo Province will protect Nigeria as such we hope Nigeria protect our own flag
We have been around for a very long time, thousands of years, honestly the very young country Nigeria of less then 500 years is our beloved brainchild and nobody should try to take her away from us, even the name Nigeria is driven from our own very River Niger, the one our forefathers and now us have been drinking its water for thousands of years.

The Eastern region got independence before the other regions of Nigeria but had to wait until other regions got their independence to join the Nigerian republic, for our passion for Nigeria the secession clause was omitted from the very first indigenous constitution of the very young country, we implore every Nigerian to see Nigeria with as much passion as we Igbos see her.

Despite a three year civil war that cost us millions of lives damages, loss of properties and loss of political relevance we embraced Nigeria once again with more passion than we ever had, we wish to make something clear that we did not fight the war because we were fed up with Nigeria as a country, we fought the war because of injustice and inhuman practices against our own people on a civilian scale and even today we will repeat it again if our people or our allies are unjustly threatened or attacked.

In this light brothers and sisters, friends, allies and enemies, in this light the Flag of Igbo province was inspired, it is the flag of blood, unity and survival, we are a people, we are humans, We are Igbos, We are Nigerians today and we really love and hope to continue to be, we are Africans, we are a part of the global community, we are Igbo province, we are Igboland, we are AlaIgbo.

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