Igbo Province Map (Proposed)

The very first step of any government is defining the scope of such government, where influence holds true, in this case, we are looking into the geography of Igboland with a proposed map which will be subject to update as time goes by. The Igbo province map includes regions where indigenous Igbos are at least 50% of the population. Learn More about Igbo Province…

image for Igbo Province Map
Sketch of the Proposed Map Of Igbo Province

We Took Note Of Mutually Shared Cities (MSC) 

We understand that some cities and towns are mutually shared with other ethnic nationalities, cities like Asaba and Port Harcourt (Igweocha) to mention just two, we don’t intend to displace anyone and as such we do not hope that anyone displaces our people, these cities where we mutually share with others was built by the collective contributions of all of us, however, we including it in our map is not exclusively in bid to designate such area as entirely Igbo land as it is not practically possible to have a homogenous Igbo community in these Border towns. So we hope that all interested parties use peaceful methods of resolution in areas of interest and also note that these mixed cities are a pride to all the constituent tribes and we should all aspire to protect such places together.

We do believe that with time, areas of the map which are not majority Igbo would be removed while majority Igbo areas which may not be currently part of the map will be included.
The intentions of this map is not to drive other ethnic groups out of their land but to make it clear that such area is under Igbo interest as we will protect our people and interest in such areas.

The Proposed Igbo Province Map is not Aimed at Provoking Anyone

We are not trying to provoke, scare or intimidate any group as you may have known Igbos are peace-loving people and again lands can not be moved, so it does not mean that if Nsukka is in the map, we will move Nsukka to Asaba or move the Nsukka people to Asaba, the map does not in any way seek to displace anyone especially our neighbours, we took note of you and be rest assured that the map does not in any way change your ownership of your lands.

If you are a tribal people and you believe that your land was mistakenly included in the map, we are open to peaceful methods of resolving any anomalies, having said that, those other tribes, or individuals who may not be Igbo but have their indigenous land carved into our territory may appeal it, either through a court process or a formal written appeal to the Igbo province.

Once again, the Igbo Province Map does not in any way seek to displace anyone and it is subject to update. Our neighbouring tribe should also understand that although this map espouses territorial integrity of the Igbo Province, we had existed for thousands of years side by side and we hope that as we respect your people in our side you will also respect our people in your side.

We sure know that other tribes fall within this map and we also know that there are our people who are not covered within this map so for our neighbours, brothers and sisters, there is no need for panic as far as our neighbours are concerned the Igbo Province map is flexible because we can’t even leave some of our Children who are halve Igbo, halve Ijaw, halve Igbo, Halve Ibibio, halve Igbo, halve Efik, halve Igbo, halve Igala, Tiv, Idoma etc.

We henceforth hope that this map does not spell unnecessary bad blood or provocations and we highly implore that any misunderstanding as regards the territorial integrity of the map should be sorted through peaceful methods as we will not accept any form of attacks, provocations and confrontations without first exhausting all peaceful options.

As Igboland takes another step in the pursuits of our destiny as a people, we sue for peace, we wish to let everyone know that our map is aimed at spreading progress and development throughout Igboland, we are not out to take anyone’s land, so you may even consider yourself lucky as our non-discriminatory development and progressive plan could benefit you and your people.

The Proposed Igbo Province Map is Not aimed at an expansionist Empire Agenda

We wish to let everyone know that we are not empire minded but that does not, however, mean that we do not aspire to grow, by that we wish to state that Igbo influence or interest does not only apply to the scope of this map, where ever there is one Igbo man, our influence or interest will be effective, by that we are strongly saying that whether we include other places with less Igbo population or not do not mean that we do not take note of such Igbo people, the map serves only as clarity of Igbo heartland, but we take note of every other place that Igbos may be.

We also took note of some people who are of mixed Igbo heritage and as such we understood they are only partially Igbo and respect their choice of the tribe but then until they are able to free themselves of Igbo DNA we will be considerate in dealing with them but still given such mix-up and the proximity to us and the fact that some of them are currently married to Igbos we may have included them in our map noting that such people have a lot of elements of us and others who are even our close neighbours too.

These people even serve a very crucial linking role as such we wish to save them of a futuristic or present identity crisis, their Igboness would never be questioned we had embraced such people who are clearly not fully Igbos as part of us but we respect the fact should they choose their other side but so far as there is one of them who prefer his or her Igbo heritage then such place would continue to be of Igbo interest.

We can’t conduct a referendum to ask anyone if they are Igbo or not, because being Igbo is not a matter of choice, it is much like asking someone if he is human or not, what we know is so far as you have a single bit of Igbo DNA in you, use our culture and have good conduct as expected of an Igbo person then you could be Igbo.

Having proposed the Igbo Province Map, we say to all Igbos, please aspire to make Igboland better, we also tell everyone who is currently living in Igboland whether Igbo or not to please be of good conduct and also aspire to give back to the Igboland, Igbo province and the general Igbo community. Now that you are in Igboland, you may feel at home, for all Igbo in other parts of the world know that Igboland is home, that Igboland prays for you and should the need ever arise, Igboland would stand for you and for our friends, brothers and allies, Igboland will stand by you if the need be.

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