Igbo Province Intelligence Agency (IPIA)

The Igbo Province Intelligence Agency (IPIA) is the intelligence unit of the Igbo Province of Nigeria, the IPIA is modelled to be able to proffer intelligence solutions to existing problems and prepared for coming scenarios. The major difference between mankind and other creatures is improved intelligence and as such no aspect of us would be more crucial than that which see to the modification, application and shaping of our intelligence.

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The emergence of IPIA became crucial as the reality of the Igbo Province digs deeper, noting that Igbo Province is an indigenous region under Nigeria’s Unitary government, we may not need to keep a standing army but even at that it should be noted that every able-bodied Igbo must defend Igboland should the need ever arise, if there is ever need we will defend our lands, our parents, our brothers and sisters, our children and our allies, by that we may not be needing a standing army presently but we could need an intelligence body to make arrangements and also enable us to harness all the defence choices that Nigeria offers and swiftly muster up defence should the reality ever stare us in the face.

We need intelligence to be able to put one and two together, that’s the birthing of the IPIA, to prepare for potential threats, respond to existing threats, decide existential threats and tackle such or eliminate such if possible.

Due to our respect, trust and love for the Federal government of Nigeria, we will not attempt to set up any defence wing, unless should the Federal military lacks such capacity to protect us and so far, from our intelligence investigations, not only is the federal government capable of protecting us but also it will save us tones of money and resources on military spending and also enable us to focus on more pressing issues like food security, health research and development, technology, industry, our education and more.

Food security, health research and development, for instance, is potentially an existential threat to the region already as for conventional security, we trust the Nigeria defence as we believe that so far as the Federal Republic of Nigeria exists, we trust that the Nigerian military will protect us, because Nigeria military had always protected us, during the 1966 coup, the Coup was a failure in the East, thanks to the Nigeria military and also thanks to the then Eastern Nigerian military, that Igbos were killed in the 1945 massacre that’s by the way before the Nigerian independence and that single event changed the political focus of the Igbos and the political reality of Nigeria which we still see the dividends today.

During the Biafran war, It must be noted that Nigeria did not fight the Igbos because what is Nigeria without Igbos? non-existent we guess, It was a sectional war where Arewa North allied with the Oduduwa West to fight Biafra or the East and the MidWest, for the most part, was almost neutral honestly, as a matter of intelligence, Nigeria as a country did not fight Igbos, Nigeria can not fight Igbos and Nigeria will never fight Igbos.

Immediately the East left that was when Nigeria seized to Exist, Russia of today despite having most of the features of the old USSR is no longer USSR so 1967 to 1970 Nigeria practically did not exist and for the rest of the times when Nigeria existed Nigeria as an entity had always protected us, Nigeria without the East is Arewa North and Oduduwa West and a mainly neutral midwest nothing more.

In our world today, despite numerous existing problems, every day new problems shows up, compounding already existing ones, as such our intelligence level needs to be growing at a lot faster rate so as to be able to adapt to a fast-changing world. Given these dynamic nature of the universe in general and the human society in particular, the Igbo Province Intelligence Agency was born…, Read more about Igbo Province…

The IPIA is the intelligence unit of The Igbo Province of Nigerian which is the traditional government of the Igbo people of East-Central (Middle East) Nigeria, the government of the Igbo province is a traditional democracy under Nigeria.

Other Names by which Igbo province is Known includes, Igboland and AlaIgbo. The Igbo people of Nigeria is a native west African tribe living in the Middle East (East Central) of present-day Nigeria.
The IPIA is an intelligence unit of international repute that will solve intelligence puzzle not just limited to Igbo province but also Nigeria, Africa and the global community.

Working with the best brains in Igboland, the IPIA stands out as a very remarkable intelligence unit with readiness to take up numerous challenges and proffer effective solutions. Apart from the everyday intelligence responsibility, The IPIA also serves as the primary advisory and intelligence repository to the Premier of Igbo province and other priority institutions of the province.

The Igbo Province Intelligence Agency will collaborate with other institutions of the Igbo Province and may also collaborate with Nigerian and other private and public institutions in areas of Joint Interest or given appropriate realities that may justify such collaboration otherwise the IPIA will operate as an autonomous Intelligence unit using available Resources within the province.

For now, the IPIA doubles as the primary institution of general investigation and intelligence within and outside the province. The IPIA may collaborate with International governments, the Nigerian Government, State Governments, private individuals and Private security body to facilitate investigations and apprehension if the need arises.

IPIA will maintain a non-allied stance on several sensitive situations but that does not change our primary Alliance which is first to the Igbo people, The Nigerian government and the global community. We take note of some sensitive scenario, especially as regards the Statehood preference of the Igbo people and other allied tribes of the Eastern Region in the defunct Biafra.

We took note of all of that and we need to categorically state that the IPIA will take a non-allied stance in this very sensitive scenario. We also wish that both the new uprising as regards Biafran resurgence should be swiftly attended to by both parties so that we will put the disagreement behind us once and for all.

Since Biafra and Nigeria is not a sole Igbo situation, there are limitations to the impact we could make in this scenario as an Intelligence Unit of The Igbo people but we hope however to lend our positive input should the need ever arise, in spite of that, we urge both the Nigerian side and the Biafran side to give peace and dialogue a chance for the good of the people.

The IPIA will be open to both side especially as we may try to wade into the situation, in other to explore the most peaceful and the least costly option of resolution between the Nigerian side and the Biafran side, as Igbo people, we are caught in a Dilemma in this very case and we hope both sides understands our non-allied stance.

As an Intelligence unit, we remember that the tribes of the Old Eastern Region rallied around the Igbo people to defend us on what could have been a complete Annihilation between 1967 – 1970 as such we remember Biafra with a positive Nostalgia then on the other hand, not only are we Nigerians today but we were the very building block of the young country and the very key to the independence from Great Britain.

No matter what, we understand that we got independence and the first taste of statehood through Nigeria as such it another crucial part of us, so we hope both parties understand the non-allied stance of the Igbo province in general and the IPIA in particular. We hope to Build an Igbo Province Intelligence unit that will proffer solutions. We are Igbo Province Intelligence Agency, We are IPIA.

Motto: Premier Intelligentsia

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